Access cleaner energy at the lowest cost

Transitioning to clean energy should be simple and positively impact for your organisation. Whatever your energy strategy we’ll help you access the lowest cost clean energy. Whether that’s procuring energy through our online marketplace or the installation of capital free onsite solar. We will ensure your energy strategy is proactively managed, so your costs are minimised and you comply with environmental legislation.

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Procure the lowest cost renewable energy

Whatever your requirements we will help you procure the lowest cost renewable energy via our online marketplace. Our expert team will work with you to understand your consumption profile and risk appetite to then identify and implement the optimal buying strategy, whether that is a fixed, flexible or basket approach.

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Reduce costs, gain energy independence

We will help you move to a more sustainable and secure energy future. You can access cleaner energy, reduce your costs and gain energy security via a Power Purchase Agreement or the deployment of capital free on-site generation.

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Compliance is no longer optional

Environmental legislation is becoming more focused and failure to comply comes with financial and reputational risks. Whatever the legal requirement for your organisation, whether that is SECR, ESOS or CCA, we will ensure you hit your deadlines to avoid financial penalties and reputational damage.

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Energy is our service

We know that energy is one of the biggest operational costs for an organisation. Our energy management team will ensure your costs are minimised, through the proactive delivery of services such as risk management, bill validation, portfolio management and KVa analysis.

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We simplify the complex world of energy management

If you are you are looking to procure renewable energy we offer a range of fixed, flex and basket procurement options. Plus we can help you install on-site solar generation without the need for upfront investment.

As well as procuring energy, our team of energy experts will help manage your energy portfolio through services such as bill validation, non-commodity analysis and data insights.

The team will also help make sure you are compliant with all environmental legislation, whether that is SECR or ESOS, as well as helping you identify your Scope 3 emissions.


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In addition to helping us reduce our energy costs, they helped open 13 new sites on schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their expertise and pro-active approach set them apart in the business energy market.

Trevor Berry – Environment Sustainability Manager, DPD