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Net Zero is impossible. Challenge Accepted

In a world increasingly powered by energy, the goal of Net Zero often seems unattainable. Rising energy costs and growing demands intensify this challenge. At eEnergy, we confront this challenge head-on. We believe in transforming the way we access, measure, reduce, and connect to energy, making sustainability not only feasible but also profitable.

Go Further. Move Faster

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Decabonisation Partner for the UK&I Education Sector

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Invested in energy efficiency projects.

As a leading digital energy services provider, eEnergy is revolutionising the path to Net Zero for B2B and public sector organisations. Challenged by rising costs and demands, we turn the Net Zero mission into an achievable goal. Armed with innovative technology and extensive knowledge, we’re transforming how our customers are unleashing sustainable energy.

Our aim? To make Net Zero not just viable but profitable for our customers, ensuring robust returns for shareholders.

Trusted by over 1,000 partners, we’re the catalyst for companies to meet their net zero ambitions — sustainably, profitably, decisively.

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Saving on energy and carbon emissions with no upfront investment.

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Capital free energy efficiency projects, reducing carbon and saving energy.

Two Decades of Sector-Specific Expertise

With over 20 years of expertise in energy management, eEnergy stands at the forefront of guiding organisations towards Net Zero. Our track record is built on assisting customers in managing energy efficiently, reducing waste, saving costs, and significantly cutting carbon emissions. This rich history not only positions us as leaders in the field but also as dedicated partners in your energy journey. At eEnergy, we offer more than standard energy services; we specialise in sector-specific energy innovation. Armed with a readiness to confront unique challenges, we’re committed to elevating your environmental and financial strategies to new heights.

Education: Transforming educational spaces into eco-friendly havens. We’re driving schools and universities towards smarter, greener energy usage, cutting costs and carbon footprints, all while nurturing eco-conscious minds.

Healthcare: For healthcare facilities, energy efficiency is vital. Our solutions deliver unwavering reliability and sustainability, letting healthcare heroes focus on what truly matters – patient care.

Local Councils and Government: We’re the go-to energy ally for local councils and government, pioneering greener public services and infrastructure, and turning sustainability goals into reality.

Commercial and Industry: Powering progress in the commercial and industry sectors, we bring energy efficiency to the forefront. Our innovative solutions cut costs, boost sustainability, and drive business growth, transforming the way industries operate.


Net Zero



Your Journey to Net Zero

Go Further. Move Faster.

eEnergy is not just about managing energy; we’re about transforming it. Our comprehensive services, from end-to-end energy management to energy efficiency solutions, are designed to make Net Zero attainable for all organisations.

Funding the Future.

We understand the constraints of capital and grants. That’s why we offer upfront funding for projects, enabling organisations to embark on their Net Zero journey today.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision.

Creating a world where achieving Net Zero is possible and profitable for all organisations.


Our Mission.

Eliminating energy waste and making Net Zero into a profitable reality.

Our Values

We’ve Got Energy.

Our zeal in Unleashing Net Zero is unmatched. As focused energy experts, we are driven by our core values:

Act with Purpose.

We’re fanatical and relentless in our mission to eliminate energy waste and make net zero profitable, we actively seek out ways to deliver exceptional results.

Go Further.

Our combined knowledge and technology enable us to make a significant impact in combating climate change, aiding our clients in their journey towards Net Zero.

Build Trust.

Honesty, decency, and straightforwardness are at the heart of our operations, fostering trust within our teams, with our clients, and in our future.

Green building and trees

With over a decade of experience we’ll guide you to Net Zero, every step of the way

For over decade we’ve been helping our customers eliminate energy waste, save money and reduce carbon.


We’re Committed to Delivering Excellence

Sustainability is at the heart of eEnergy’s mission: we’re eliminating energy waste and making Net Zero profitable. Our goal is to meet today’s needs without compromising tomorrow.

We’re not just enabling a Net Zero future – we’re committed to being a truly sustainable business. This means integrating environmental and social responsibility into everything we do and showcasing our efforts through transparent, comprehensive reporting.


To prioritise key environmental and social issues, we kicked off a comprehensive ESG strategy in October 2023. This project, set to complete by mid-2024, will drive greater value creation and regulatory compliance.

Our approach is methodical, driven by a thorough materiality assessment to pinpoint the most important ESG issues for our business. We’re engaging with employees, customers, suppliers, and investors to align our ESG values, set clear objectives, and manage risks and opportunities effectively.

In December 2023, we established a Board-level ESG Committee, chaired by Non-Executive Director Dr. Nigel Burton, to integrate ESG principles into our operations and decision-making processes.

Stay tuned for our FY2024 Annual Report, where we’ll unveil our ESG Strategy and a materiality matrix highlighting our top 15 ESG issues.

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