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Achieving sustainability and cost reductions in Housing Management



Peabody, a prominent housing association that owns and manages over 66,000 homes across London and the South East, sought to enhance its energy procurement and management practices for its offices, housing stock, communal lighting, and landlord supplies. With around 4,200 gas and electricity meters consuming over 89 GWs of gas and power, they aimed to explore innovative solutions within the energy market.

The Challenge.

In July 2020, Peabody assessed various frameworks in the energy market, curious about the value, services, and innovations that other OJEU frameworks could offer. The tender was complex due to the vastness of their estates and the need to complete the process during a COVID lockdown.

The Results.

By leveraging eEnergy’s online marketplace, Peabody achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Reduced energy expenditure by £990k against current rates.
  2. Contracted 4,188 meters across the Peabody portfolio.
  3. Secured 100% renewable electricity contracts at no additional premium.
  4. Delivered significant procurement efficiency gains by assessing suppliers’ tariff elements on a like-for-like basis.


Peabody’s collaboration with eEnergy resulted in significant cost savings, improved energy procurement efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability through 100% renewable electricity contracts. This case study demonstrates the potential for housing associations to optimise energy management and procurement, fostering a greener future for their communities.

Peabody testimonial

“The use of eEnergy’s innovations and their OJEU Dynamic Purchasing System option created more choice and transparency than traditional procurement baskets. We found eEnergy to be very knowledgeable and helpful with resolving historic issues and managing the OJEU procurement process with our procurement team. We are also very pleased with the hands on after-care services they have provided.”

Richard Ellis, Asset Director


Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

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