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Measure, manage and visualise your energy use

Measurement underpins any successful energy management strategy. By deploying our market leading technology MY ZeERO, you will be able to visualise energy data down to an individual circuit level. Our team of energy experts will then use this data to deliver valuable data insights identifying ways to reduce your energy consumption by up to as much as 30%.

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Real time, circuit level data

Understanding when, where and how you consume energy has never been more important. To effectively manage energy consumption, detailed measurement is critical. Our MY ZeERO platform visualises energy data in real time, at a granular level.

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Actionable, data insights

Being able to map energy data at circuit level gives you a deeper understanding of your energy consumption profile. In the hands of our energy experts, this data can be turned into detailed, actionable insights to drive a reduction in energy waste.

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Reduce energy waste instantly

Energy waste could be making your organisation significantly less profitable every month. Our data insights will help you prioritise behavioural and operational energy efficiency changes that cost nothing but will immediately reduce energy waste by up to 10%. We will also scope other opportunities where energy efficiency technologies can reduce waste.

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Validate your energy reduction strategy

Once energy reduction solutions have been implemented, our team will help you validate the performance of these solutions using the real-time data from MY ZeERO. This validation will demonstrate the financial, commercial and environmental impact of the energy reduction solutions implemented.

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Energy Visualised

Our client portal MY ZeERO is an award winning platform that helps you see your energy consumption at a granular level

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Following the installation of the system, we have been able to identify several improvements that have resulted in a drastic reduction in our energy consumption.

Scott Curtis, Electrical Engineer, Marchwood Power Limited