Save up to 10% on behavioural change

Experience the power of MY ZeERO, the ultimate in-building energy analytics champion! Trim a cool 10% off your energy bills by transforming behaviour. Get crystal-clear insights on your energy consumption patterns, shining a spotlight on your building’s efficiency in real time. Unlock the secret to peak performance, reduce carbon emissions, and bank those savings—all with the knowledge of your building’s energy hotspots at your fingertips.

Embrace MY ZeERO and make energy waste a thing of the past!

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Visualise energy and eliminate waste

With no upfront cost visualising energy consumption at the asset level unlocks a wealth of benefits for your organisation. By gaining granular insights into individual equipment performance, you can easily identify inefficiencies, promptly address energy waste, and optimise operational processes. This targeted approach empowers you to eliminate energy waste, fostering a culture of energy awareness that drives significant cost savings and bolsters your organisation’s sustainability efforts. Embrace the power of asset-level energy data and elevate your energy management to new heights.

No upfront cost, just an affordable subscription.

Say goodbye to capital expenditure barriers with MY ZeERO. Get started fast and let us transform your organisation in no time!

Smart IoT for effortless energy optimisation.

Dive into precise energy insights through advanced metering and sensors, all securely stored in the cloud for your convenience.

Easy. Flexible. Secure. In the cloud.

UK-crafted platform and hardware delivering crystal-clear data, ironclad security, and seamless team access, anytime, anywhere.

Unveil your Net Zero game plan today.

Join top-tier giants eliminating energy waste and through the power of data-driven energy use and savings. Transform your energy game now!


Access to data on the move

Detailed analytics are easily accessed via a range of mobile devices (mobile phone and tablet) ensuring customers can gain detailed insight into consumption patterns at circuit and device level and quickly eliminating wastage.

MY ZeERO portal

Stay connected with MY ZeERO.

Stay connected with the MY ZeERO energy analytics platform, designed to seamlessly integrate with the eMeter for on-the-go access to your energy data. With compatibility across a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience in monitoring consumption patterns at circuit and device levels. Tap into detailed analytics at your fingertips, swiftly identify wastage, and take control of your energy usage anytime, anywhere with the MY ZeERO energy analytics platform.



Introducing the MY ZeERO eMeter, the next generation in multi-channel metering and data acquisition, purpose-built to elevate your energy management experience.

Next generation energy monitoring

Enable 10%+ reduction in consumption through behavioural change.

This innovative eMeter measures electrical consumption and generation at building, sub-metering, circuit, and asset levels, while also collecting data on other utilities like gas, water, and heat via Pulse Inputs, ModBus, or additional interface modules. The eMeter securely streams real-time electricity consumption, metering, and sensor data to our cloud platform, offering invaluable insight into your business’s energy usage patterns. Empower your business with MY ZeERO eMeter’s cutting-edge technology, pinpoint unnecessary energy consumption, and watch your operating costs shrink.

eMeter features. 

  • Multi-channel intelligent metering.
  • Models: eMeter-v1.
  • Fully integrated compact design.
  • Measure mains supply and up to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits.
  • Ethernet connectivity built-in.

Groundbreaking compact design

The fully-integrated modular design simplifies deployment and lowers installation costs by combining metering, power, data logging and communications within one compact unit.

Meter the mains supply and up to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits with each unit that is only 250mm x 250mm x 50mm in size. Its wall-mounted design means it can be installed swiftly in the smallest of spaces without additional enclosures. The MY ZeERO eMeter utilises low-voltage split-core current transducer (CT) clamps to measure the electrical current within the live wires. They are intrinsically safe and can be quickly and safely installed within a fuse board within minutes. Our CT clamps are rated between 10A and 3000A per conductor. The eMeter uses CT looms to connect and/or extend the CT cables to the eMeter ensuring rapid installation and pain-free CT cable termination.

Field upgradable


Each MY ZeERO eMeter can be configured at the factory or later in field, upgraded to operate as a 12 , 24 or 36 circuit device. Engineers can easily upgrade a unit from a 12 circuit unit to support 24 or 36 circuits by the simple addition of a CT expansion board without adjusting the existing installation.

Secure data communication


With ethernet, 2.4Ghz WiFi built-in and 4G mobile connectivity an optional add-in, easily enables consumption data to be securely streamed to the cloud in real time.  All data is encrypted before being digitally signed for authenticity.


Expandable and integration-ready

The MY ZeERO eMeter has been designed to be a gateway or hub for other energy meters and building sensors. Integrate with existing electricity, gas, water and heat meters or measure temperature, humidity, air quality and more via the addition of internal expansion modules or external expansion units that enhance the eMeter’s functionality.



Don’t let the chance to transform your organisation’s energy management slip away! Opt for MY ZeERO’s cutting-edge solutions and experience the perfect fusion of cost savings, sustainability, and insightful data. Embark on a journey towards a greener and more efficient energy future – get in touch with us today and allow MY ZeERO to revolutionise your energy approach!

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