Welcome to eEnergy, your gateway to a vibrant, green future! We’re leading the charge in the Net Zero revolution, obliterating energy waste and transmuting eco-friendliness into a treasure trove for our valued customers. Our brand guidelines are more than rules – they’re the blueprint of our solid, sleek identity and a potent arsenal in sculpting an indomitable presence.

Earth from space with copy space. Elemnts are furnished by NASA.

Designers, listen up

At eEnergy, our brand guidelines aren’t set in stone – they’re your launchpad!

We’re asking you to inject 80% of your raw creative energy into our guidelines, shaping the remaining 20%. Think of these rules as your canvas, waiting for your bold strokes of innovation. Together, we’ll build a brand that screams eEnergy’s audacious vision of sustainability.

But, brace yourselves…

At eEnergy, we’re not playing games – we’re charting the survival route for Planet Earth. ‘Unleashing Net Zero’? It’s not just cool lingo; it’s our battle cry for a lush, sustainable future. Our brand guidelines aren’t advice – they’re marching orders. With our brand in your hands, you’re a change-maker. Each pixel you set, every line you etch, each word you script, is a flag in the soil of a Net Zero world. Fire up your creativity, but channel it with our guidelines – they’re the beacon lighting up our green revolution. This mission isn’t just about us. It’s about you, me, every soul under the azure sky. We’re not just building a brand; we’re charging into a verdant future. Your designs aren’t just art; they’re ignition sparks. So let’s push the envelope, together. We’ve got a world to save.

We’re Unleashing Net Zero, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Let’s do this!

eEnergy Brand Guidelines v1.3


(released August 1st 2023)