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  • The basket will provide renewably sourced electricity for businesses. 
  • The basket will include access to carbon reporting, allowing businesses to report their carbon emissions and identify areas where they can reduce them. 
  • To help counterbalance residual emissions the basket will provide access to verified carbon offsets and Carbon Dioxide Removals Certificates 

eEnergy and Drax have come together to launch a market leading Zero Carbon flexible procurement basket that will help businesses transition to Net Zero. The basket is unlike anything else on the market as it not only offers renewably sourced electricity but includes access to the market leading carbon reporting tool, CBN Expert. 

eEnergy and Drax will be providing access to renewable sourced electricity as well as providing customers with greater buying power, something all businesses can benefit from as energy prices continue to remain high. 

The CBN Expert solution, included as part of the basket will give businesses the ability to measure their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Providing greater clarity on where they can reduce their emissions to reach Net Zero. Five eEnergy customers have already signed up to the basket and are seeing the benefits of being able to track their carbon emissions. 

As part of the basket, customers will also have access to verified carbon offsets and Carbon Dioxide Removal Certificates to counterbalance residual emissions through our sustainable commodities teams. 

Paul Miller, Sales and Marketing Director for Drax Energy Solutions said: 

“At Drax, we’re always looking at ways to help businesses reach Net Zero. By developing this innovative product with eEnergy, we are empowering businesses to not only monitor their emissions but also take huge strides to be carbon neutral that can’t be achieved through renewable power alone.” 

Delvin Lane, Managing Director for eEnergy Energy Management, said: 

“We are proud to be launching this market leading product with Drax. We both believe in simplifying energy for businesses, and this new innovative solution will do just that. With Net Zero and the energy crisis creating a perfect storm, now is the time for energy consultants and suppliers to join forces and help British businesses. 

The basket will help business access renewable energy and measure their carbon footprint in a totally new way. We already have five key customers signed up to the basket and more will be joining in the coming weeks.” 


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