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Reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon

There’s never been a more important time to reduce your energy usage. Unlock energy savings by reducing your consumption, capital-free. We handle the upfront cost, installation and maintenance tailored energy efficiency solutions such as LED lighting. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the lighting service. The energy savings generated are greater than our fee which means you unlock cash savings from day one.

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Drone Modern NHS Kings Mill hospital building lit up bright colourful at night.

Eliminate energy waste at scale

Combining the power of MY ZeERO and a comprehensive on-site audit we identify and visualise the energy efficiency opportunities within your organisation. Our data-led approach identifies the optimum solution and allows you to measure the savings over time.

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Guaranteed reduction in your energy bill

We quickly implement energy efficiency technologies, such as LED lighting to drive down energy consumption immediately. High quality LEDs use less energy. On average, our customers reduce their lighting energy costs by 70% and their total energy bill by 30%.

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No upfront costs, net savings from day one

You simply pay a fixed monthly fee, which the energy savings will more than cover. You don’t have to invest any capital upfront meaning you’ll unlock immediate cash benefits as well as reducing your carbon emissions.

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Hassle free switchover, fully maintained

Our experienced team have completed 1,000+ projects and will manage your installation to ensure no disruption to your operations. We also fully maintain the lighting performance for the contract term, fixing any problems with no questions asked.

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Our client portal MY ZeERO is an award winning platform that helps you see your energy consumption at a granular level

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eEnergy reduced our energy from lighting by 62% with that is was done with no capital requirements was an extra bonus for us.

Sally Anne Cooney, Director, Boyne Brewery