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One thing all businesses share in common is the need to reduce energy costs

Every business is unique, your strategies and targets will all be tailored to your business, but one thing you all undoubtedly share in common with other businesses is the need to reduce energy costs and save money. One way to do this, is through Bill Validation, a service that eEnergy offers all customers.

What is bill validation?

It is no secret that errors are made on energy bills; we hope you never see this happen to you, but it is unfortunately quite common, with 5% of businesses receiving discrepancies on their statements every month (Ofgem, 2021). By using a bill validation service, you can avoid this and ensure your are only paying for the energy you use. Bill validation is the process of reviewing your energy bills, highlighting any discrepancies that need to be rectified and then ensuring suppliers raise credits to repay the money owed to you.

What would cause inaccurate billing?

Inaccurate billing can occur for several reasons, such as switching suppliers or simply typing the wrong digit in the wrong section. As most people don’t analyse their energy bills, these mistakes are easily missed causing you to pay the incorrect amount for your bills.

If your business does not own a smart meter, unless you are providing regular meter readings, it is likely your bills are based of estimations, which is where the energy provider will estimate your consumption based on previous readings. An estimated bill is unlikely to be accurate, meaning you could be paying for more energy than you actually used.


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Would bill validation work for my business?

Yes! Bill Validation is suitable for all businesses; no matter the size of your operation or the industry you are in. We believe that you should only be paying for what you use and nothing else. We provide a comprehensive bill validation service for all clients, with over 200 checks to make sure your bills are accurate.

Our bill validation service

We believe you should only be charged for the energy that you use each month, and so we provide a thorough service that provides you with a detailed report highlighting all inaccuracies in your bill. Our end-to-end service also includes liaising with suppliers to make sure that we recover the money owed to you. With years of experience supporting customers in their billing, we have helped multi-site businesses within a multitude of industries such as retail, hospitality, and property management to ensure their bills are accurate.

Recently we helped one of our largest customers save £32,500 through our bill validation service.

We carry out comprehensive billing checks, carrying out over 200 checks on every statement; we look at everything from unit rates, published rates and triad charges to accuracy of billing dates, missing invoices, and taxes. This is all achieved by utilising our database of market rates to generate a simulated bill, which we then cross-reference with your actual bill. We won’t just tell you what is wrong with your bill; we will notify you exactly how we found it. Our bespoke reporting allows you to understand our process completely.

Why eEnergy?

At eEnergy, we understand that checking your energy bills may be something you don’t have time to do, so we offer our bespoke bill validation service. In addition to this service we also offer a number of other energy management services such as kVA analysis, non-commodity analysis and energy waste insights. All of these services are designed to help you save money on your energy bills.

To find out more about our Bill Validation services, please get in touch with our team at 020 3813 1550 or email us at [email protected] so we can begin your journey today.

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