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Getting the right business energy contract is much more than just looking for the cheapest price

When reviewing what you want from your next business energy contract, there is more to consider than selecting the one with the lowest price. The are a plethora of things to consider – type of contract, length of contract, do you want renewable energy, the suppliers billing and service performance, terms and conditions such as volume tolerance. This can make finding the right contract a complex and time consuming process. This is where our online marketplace can help, we do the heavy lifting to give you the right energy contract at the right price, saving you time and money.

We have put together four things you need to know about our online marketplace.

Your contract, your way

We believe in giving our customers exactly what they want from their business energy contract. That is why our online marketplace is set up to capture all of your requirements and deliver options that meet them. Contract requirements include contract length, payment terms, generation type (brown or green), contract type fixed vs flexible as well as many more. We will collate all of this information, making sure the process is as simple as possible for you.

Up to 25 suppliers competing for your business

Most traditional forms of energy contract tendering limit supplier participation due to the time taken to analyse the results from the manual tenders. Our online marketplace gives up to 25 suppliers, including all of the big six, the opportunity to compete to become your energy supplier. They will all bid on your tender, ensuring you receive the most competitive price.

The most competitive price

Our online marketplace will deliver the most competitive price as all of the suppliers have to submit their best offer. They can’t see what other suppliers are bidding so if they want your business they have give you their best price. We do provide them with analysis of the bid and give them the opportunity to re-bid to improve their position and win your business. We have benchmarked our prices using same day data and on average the online marketplace delivers prices 5% lower against traditional telephone based tenders and 10% lower when compared to public sector frameworks.

online platform

Full transparency throughout the entire process

We believe in removing the mystery around the procurement of energy, so we give you complete transparency of your tender process. Our platform will give you the ability to see how your tender is progressing. Once the tender has been completed we will give you a comprehensive summary report and a recommendation on which supplier gives you the optimum contract.

Why eEnergy?

Giving clients access to the lowest cost clean energy is a fundamental pillar of our business. We believe that in order for organisations to achieve net zero profitably they need to be able to transition to renewable energy without having to pay over the odds. Our online marketplace has helped thousands of business make the move, if you would like to find out how it can help your business please call 020 3813 1550 or email [email protected]


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