Harvey Sinclair, CEO of eEnergy

Alongside high and increasing energy prices, the drive to tackle climate change has never been more prevalent; together these two market forces have provided a genuine inflection point for eEnergy and we are experiencing a huge increase in demand for our integrated Net Zero offering.

Harvey Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer

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Revenue (£M)

£ 0 m

Adjusted EBITDA (£M)

£ 0.00 m

Forward Order Book (£M)

£ 0.00 m

Net Debt (£M)

£ 0.00 m

PBT & Exceptional Items (£M)

£ 0.00 m

Cash Position

As at 30th June 2022.

2023 Annual report and accounts

Our biggest year yet

Our mission to make Net Zero both possible and profitable for all organisations has come of age. With sustained high energy prices and businesses needing to make Net Zero a reality, FY22 was an outstanding year with record numbers including revenues of £22.1 million, up from £13.6 million in FY21.

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Country of incorporation and main country of operation:

eEnergy Group plc is incorporated in England with registered number 5357433. The Company currently has its executive management team in London and the business operates in two countries – The UK and Ireland.