Harvey Sinclair, CEO of eEnergy

Over the last three years we have delivered a 58% compound annual growth rate in Energy Services revenues.

Harvey Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer

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£ 0.00 m

Revenue (£M)

106% (2022: £22.1m)

£ 0.00 m

Adjusted EBITDA (£M)

(2022: £3.0m)

£ 0.00 m

Net Debt (£M)

(2022: £3.6m Net Debt)

£ 0.00 m

Energy Services Sales (TCV)

+145% (2022: £14.0m)

As at 31st December 2023.


A proven track record of growth


Following the sale of the Energy Management Division in February 2024, we are left with Energy Services, a business with a proven track record of delivering growth. We are now focused on accelerating this growth as our customers race to meet Net Zero commitments by 2030, having built a platform with a sector leading brand.

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Country of incorporation and main country of operation:

eEnergy Group plc is incorporated in England with registered number 5357433. The Company currently has its executive management team in London and the business operates in two countries – The UK and Ireland.