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DPD and eEnergy

Working in partnership eEnergy, DPD were able to advance their business energy strategy. Utilising our energy expertise, we helped optimise DPD’s energy usage and deliver impressive cost savings. All of this was done at a time when DPD having to navigate a surge in service demand due to the lockdown measures put in place to combat the COVID19 pandemic.

DPD is an instantly recognisable brand and one of Europe’s leading parcel groups. They are wholly owned by France’s La Poste, Europe’s second largest postal group. They are the UK’s favourite parcel delivery company – providing innovative, high quality and time sensitive solutions. The DPD team exceeds 15,000 people, operates 10,000 vehicles from 88 locations. They deliver 260m parcels a year and play a crucial role in keeping UK business moving.

The challenge.

DPD approached eEnergy to help improve its energy strategy and reduce spend across its portfolio. This was to be achieved by identifying ways to efficiently maximise energy usage and giving DPD the tools to monitor their consumption across their organisation. In addition to reducing energy spend, DPD required the energy strategy to support their Net Zero commitments. DPD prides itself on being Net Zero at no extra cost to its customers.

At the time of appointment, the organisation was planning for growth. However, the COVID19 pandemic significantly increased the demand for the express parcel sector. DPD knew they could help businesses during this time of global uncertainty. This led to the expansion of its portfolio to meet the increased demand. This added a layer of complexity and urgency to an already complicated challenge.

The solution.

To develop the best business energy strategy, we had to understand the energy requirements of all 88 sites in the portfolio. Our team carried out an extensive analysis of the group and using the data identified the best course of action. Utilising our pricing team’s industry expertise, we were able to secure a 3-year fixed-rate contract extension that provided cost savings across the group. Part of the strategy involved bringing the entire portfolio under one supplier, this helped reduce administration time as well as cost. Our team was also able to secure 100% renewable energy, helping DPD with their Net Zero commitment.

To make sure we onboarded the entirety of the portfolio seamlessly and continue to understand the organisations requirements we put in place a dedicated account management team. The team helped implement our energy management portal. This gives the team at DPD the ability to view their consumption data. We also imported three years of historical data so DPD can carry out year-on-year benchmarking.

In addition to this, we also carried out a KVA analysis to see if there were opportunities for cost reductions. Through the examination of the data, we were able to outline several actions that, if implemented, could drive down energy costs.

The results.

  • Achieved significant cost savings through energy procurement
  • Identified significant cost savings through KVA Analysis
  • Provided monitoring tools, with three years of historic data, for benchmarking analysis
  • Helped open 15 new sites in 6 months
  • Carried out meter upgrades and removal across the portfolio
  • To ensure no sites had out of contract rates, we arranged bridging contracts into the portfolio.
  • Worked with DPD to identify water meters.

DPD testimonial.

“eEnergy’s expertise and pro-active approach set them apart in the business energy market – as a valued partner for DPD, they continue to play a significant role in helping us navigate environmental challenges, reducing energy costs and expanding our property portfolio.”

Trevor Berry – Environment Sustainability Manager


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