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Innovative eAuction online marketplace delivers significant savings

eEnergy collaborated with Gwynedd Council, the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd in North Wales, to explore energy procurement options and tackle increasing energy costs. Through the use of eEnergy’s bespoke reverse energy auction software, Gwynedd Council achieved significant savings and improved procurement transparency.

Gwynedd Council is the governing body for the second-largest local government area in Wales, covering 984 square miles and encompassing the Llŷn Peninsula, most of Snowdonia National Park, and the city of Bangor. With a growing population of 124,178, Gwynedd is also one of the most sparsely populated regions in the country.

The challenge.

In March 2019, Gwynedd Council sought to examine their energy procurement options to combat rising energy costs. They met with eEnergy at an event run independently by The Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) and subsequently invited the team to present to the North Wales Energy Partnership (NWEP).

eEnergy’s reverse energy auction software presented a unique opportunity for savings, but adopting it posed a risk to traditional public sector buying groups. Moreover, time was limited to switch to a new procurement provider, and the tender was complex due to the large volume of meters involved and the market’s volatility.


eEnergy’s innovative eAuction online marketplace enabled Gwynedd Council to achieve considerable savings and enhance procurement transparency. The success of this collaboration highlights the potential for other public sector bodies to benefit from eEnergy’s advanced technology and market intelligence in their energy procurement processes.

Gwynedd Council testimonial.

“By adopting an independent approach to our gas procurement, Gwynedd Council have created significant savings against the traditional bulk buying procurement methodology. The use of proven technology and sound market intelligence clearly offers a competitive edge. The overall process also offered more choice and more transparency, and we are delighted with the results.”

Gwynedd Council


Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Gwynedd Council has now published a DPS framework to enable other public sector bodies to take advantage of this process and technology.

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