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3-phase supplies installed

Real-time monitoring reveals energy usage patterns and validates existing energy-saving technologies

Autism Wessex, a regional charity providing specialist services for people affected by autism, partnered with eEnergy to gain a clearer understanding of energy usage at Portfield School. Real-time monitoring helped the school not only identify areas of high energy consumption but also quantify the effectiveness of previously implemented energy-saving technologies.

Portfield School, managed by Autism Wessex, offers education and residential options for up to 70 children and young people with autism. Established in 1968, the school boasts tailored facilities such as a therapy pool, sensory rooms, and a secure play area, alongside teaching classrooms.

The Challenge.

Portfield School had relatively high energy use, and the Facilities Management (FM) team sought a clearer understanding of their electrical energy consumption across the campus. The school had already invested in Solar PV panels and LED lighting, and the FM team wanted to use a monitoring solution to quantify the effectiveness of these energy-efficient technologies and identify additional energy-saving opportunities.

The Solution.

eEnergy installed two 24-way Power Distribution Monitors (PDMs) to measure the school’s incoming mains electricity and provide sub-metering data on energy usage. The PDMs also monitored 16 three-phase supplies for educational facilities, respite and therapy rooms, and separate live-in areas.

The PDMs transmitted real-time readings to a cloud-based portal, where designated users could access the information in an easy-to-understand format, viewable on any device.

The Results.

The real-time monitoring solution provided Portfield School with detailed information on energy consumption across various departments, allowing them to identify areas of high energy usage and the associated costs. This data also enabled the school to validate the effectiveness of their existing energy-saving technologies.

In the next phase of the project, the monitoring system will provide insights into power usage in residencies, as well as individual appliances such as lighting, air conditioning, and small power items.


By partnering with eEnergy, Autism Wessex’s Portfield School has gained valuable insights into their energy consumption patterns, leading to enhanced energy efficiency and informed decision-making. Real-time monitoring has proven to be a powerful tool for validating existing energy-saving technologies and identifying new opportunities for improvement.


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