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Manufacturing energy efficiency into your business plan

As the cost of energy increases, many manufacturing businesses are looking for ways to reduce their consumption so the impact of rising energy prices on their bottom line is minimised. At eEnergy we have a proven track record of helping manufacturing businesses identify and eliminate energy waste to improve the energy efficiency of their operation. There are a number of ways manufacturers can minimise their energy costs and MY ZeERO can under play a part in all of them.

What is MY ZeERO?

MY ZeERO is a an energy management platform that delivers unparalleled data visibility to help organisations unlock a wealth of insights that will help drive down energy waste. The solution can be deployed at circuit level to measure the energy consumption of individual assets, giving the user data on when, where and how energy is consumed for every part of their manufacturing operation. All the data is sent to the intuitive MY ZeERO portal, making it easier to develop data backed operational decisions. Th solution can be deployed across sites rapidly and at no upfront cost as we offer it via a subscription service.

Visualise energy consumption at a granular level

By deploying MY ZeERO across your entire manufacturing operation you will be able to identify exactly when and where you are consuming energy at a granular level. This means that you will be able to see how much energy certain machines are using as well as things such as your lighting and heating. Having this level of data is vital to lowering your energy costs, after you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Identify energy waste

Once you have identified where and when you are consuming energy you will be able to identify where you are wasting energy. On average businesses in the UK waste 30% of the energy they purchase. This means that on a £500,000 per year energy spend, £150,000 is being wasted. There are number of areas manufacturing business could be wasting energy, these include inefficient operational start up procedures, badly set up building management systems and poorly maintained heating and lighting assets. The data MY ZeERO provides will give you clarity on exactly where energy is being wasted.

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Data backed energy efficiency recommendations

Having identified where energy is being wasted, the MY ZeERO platform will give you the information to create data backed energy efficiency recommendations. Our team of energy efficiency experts will work with you and the data from MY ZeERO to design a plan that will demonstrate the energy, cost and carbon emission savings of implementing specific solutions. These recommendations may be behavioural changes, which usually lead to a 10% reduction in energy waste, as well as technology solutions such as LED lighting.

Validate the impact of the solutions implemented

Once you have implemented energy efficiency solutions, MY ZeERO will help you track the performance of these solutions and validate the expected energy, cost and carbon savings. The platform will also help you identify if the behavioural changes you have put in place start to regress.

Why eEnergy?

Our technology, MY ZeERO has helped manufacturing businesses save millions of pounds through the identification and elimination of energy waste. If you would like to find out more about the platform or how our team of energy experts can help you reduce your energy costs please get in touch on 020 3813 1550 or email [email protected]

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