Cost Savings

Q1. How does ZeERO+ differ from traditional smart meters?

Traditional smart meters measure the incoming supply at 30-minute intervals. ZeERO+ utilises our MY ZeERO platform, delivering real-time, circuit-level consumption data, and visualising it into easy to understand graphs and charts to pin point energy waste.

Q2. How much potential savings can ZeERO+ offer my business?

Through the elimination of energy waste highlighted by MY ZeERO data, we anticipate up to a 10% reduction in your annual energy consumption from behavioural changes. Along with the potential to identify additional energy wastage for inefficient technologies.

Q3. When can we expect to see savings after commissioning the system?

The system starts data collection immediately. Actionable insights typically emerge after 30 days of data collection, we’ll point out any immediate opportunities during that period.

Q4. What if savings aren’t realised? Is a return of the kit possible?

Public and Private Sector organisations typically waste up to 30% of their energy. We cannot guarantee savings, as they rely on customers acting on the system’s insights, thus, kit returns are not permitted.

Q5. What’s the cost difference between procuring only the equipment versus the full ZeERO+ service?

Cost savings vary by consumption. For example, a customer using 200,000 kWh annually would save £1,440 over a 3-year contract, given a unit price of £0.28 per kWh and a 3% broker commission.

Q6. Is the £100 subscription a fixed monthly fee? 

Yes, this monthly cost is fixed with no hidden fees or sneaky add on extras.

Q7. When does the subscription billing commence?

Billing starts after the eMeter has been installed.

Q8. What financial arrangements are available at the end of the contract?

You will own the eMeter and will only be charged a £20 monthly fee per eMeter for data and portal access.

Contract and Pricing Structure

Q9. How long is a typical contract duration?

Our standard contract is 3 years, but we also provide a 5-year option for extended payment.

Q10. Will two separate contracts be required, one for procurement and another for MY ZeERO?

No, a single combined contract for ZeERO+ will be signed.

eMeter Specifics

Q11. Can additional eMeters be integrated into the system?

Yes, our system is scalable. You can add eMeters as needed, and the monthly fee will adjust based on the quantity.

Q12. Who owns the eMeter after the contract concludes?

Post-contract, you will have ownership of the eMeter.

Technical Questions

eMeter Deployment and Compatibility.

Q13. Is MY ZeERO compatible with a split metered distribution board?

Yes, it is.

Q14. How many eMeters are needed for mixed single and three-phase distribution boards?

The required number of eMeters depends on which circuits you aim to monitor. Monthly costs will rise only if additional metering is needed.

Q15. Can the eMeter be installed if there’s no space next to my distribution board?

Yes, unless significant cable rerouting is required, the installation price remains unchanged.

Q16. Which buildings will the eMeter cover if I have multiple properties?

ZeERO+ includes a single eMeter. We’ll collaborate to determine its optimal placement. Additional eMeters can be added, with corresponding monthly fee adjustments.

Q17. How does the system transfer data to the cloud, especially in areas with poor mobile coverage?

The system primarily uses your internal network (ethernet/Wi-Fi). A 4G option is available, but may incur extra charges. Connectivity will be assessed during installation planning.

Installation Queries.

Q18. How much time is required for eMeter installation and system setup?

Each eMeter typically takes between two to three hours to install and commission.

Q19. Is there a need to turn off our electricity during installation?

In some scenarios, this may be necessary.

Q20. Is after-hours installation available and does it come at an added expense?

We offer out-of-hours installation when required, which might carry an additional charge based on your specifications.

Q21. Who is responsible for the equipment installation?

Our certified contractors handle equipment installation.

Q22. Does the IT department need to be involved in the installation process?

Involvement from the IT department is only necessary based on the chosen connectivity method. We will coordinate with them to ensure smooth MY ZeERO installation.

Q23. Do you offer training for the portal?

Yes, comprehensive training is provided, and an Account Manager is available for any queries.

Equipment and Warranty.

Q24. Who manufactures the eMeter?

Our Southampton-based technical team designs and manufactures the equipment and manages the system software.

Q25. Does the eMeter come with warranty coverage?

Yes, the eMeter is warranted for the duration of the contract.

Q26. Does the eMeter need regular maintenance?

No, the eMeter does not require ongoing maintenance.

Coverage and Scalability.

Q27. Does your service cater to sites across the UK, including the Channel Islands?

Yes, our service covers these regions.

Q28. What procedures are in place for adding or removing locations?

The system can easily accommodate more locations. However, equipment is not intended to be relocated during the contract. Post-contract removal might be subject to a fee.

Trials and Other Inquiries

Testing and Assessment.

Q29. Can we test MY ZeERO before committing?

Yes, we offer paid trials for you to evaluate the system.

Additional Capabilities.

Q30. Is it possible for ZeERO+ to monitor other utilities?

Yes. currently, ZeERO+ supports the measurement of water and gas, as well as electricity.