Transform Your Estate into a Sustainable Hub with eEnergy’s Funding Solutions

Transform your entire estate into a sustainable hub with eEnergy’s funding solutions for LED lighting, solar PV, and EV charging. Our innovative financing options enable immediate deployment without the need to wait for Government funding or the use your own capital. Embrace energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and enjoy significant cost savings from day one. With eEnergy, your journey to sustainability is seamless and financially smart.

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Funding solutions

We provide several ways to compliantly and simply fund your decarbonisation projects, allowing your organisation to engage with multiple projects at once with no upfront cost. Our fully funded option offers equipment and installation at no upfront cost, with a fixed monthly fee over the service life, often offset by energy savings. Alternatively, our client-funded option allows you to invest in your infrastructure by purchasing equipment like LED lighting, solar panels, EV chargers, or analytic meters. Both solutions include comprehensive site management, covering ongoing maintenance and system oversight. Additionally, you can generate extra revenue from EV chargers and export excess solar energy to the grid.

Operating Lease Agreement.

Rapidly deploying efficient technology through an operating lease is a smart, cost-effective way to boost energy efficiency without hefty upfront costs.

Energy as a Service.

Embracing Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model for your decabonisation projects offers a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for your organisation.

Power Purchase Agreement.

You lease your roof space to eEnergy and we own, operate, maintain and manage the system, presenting a flexible and convenient renewable energy solution.

Capital Expenditure.

If you’d rather use your own capital or have access to other funding for your decabonisation upgrade, then that’s fine too.

What our Clients Say

“We’ve never had so many positive comments about contractors going into schools before. Pupils and teachers leave at the end of their school day and then magically the next morning the lights are brighter, the area is just as clean and they’re in a nicer learning environment. We were really happy with the turnkey solution and the finance model.”

Angela Durston, Head of Supplier Partnerships and Sustainability



NatWest Bank

“NatWest is delighted to be able to support eEnergy by acting as Structuring Bank & Hedge Counterparty for this innovative financing. We look forward to working with the eEnergy team going forward as they execute their contract pipeline and assist the public sector with deploying energy efficiency and decarbonisation assets.”

Jacob Lloyd, Head of Specialist Asset Finance