Save up to 60% on your energy


Transform your buildings into a sustainable powerhouses.

eEnergy provides comprehensive energy-as-a-service solutions, transforming commercial, industrial, manufacturing and logistics businesses into sustainable powerhouses by addressing energy waste and making Net Zero profitable.

We champion the transition to cleaner energy through our on-site solar energy adoption, EV charging integration, and advanced LED lighting, while optimising consumption through the MY ZeERO energy analytics platform.

Embrace eEnergy to reduce your carbon footprint, cut energy costs, and create a vibrant, green future for your customers and employees, ensuring a more efficient and eco-friendly environment for all.

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Optima Products

“Achieving the target of Net Zero Carbon across our business is crucial. By taking bold and decisive steps such as the installation of solar generation at our UK manufacturing facility, we truly believe we can hit this target. With the expert help of the team at eEnergy we are on track to make a significant positive impact on our carbon emissions, whilst simultaneously making dramatic reductions in our energy consumptions and costs. We are committed to reducing our carbon impact to zero and the installation of solar panels at our UK manufacturing facility is another important step on our journey.”

Christian Mabey, Managing Director- Optima Products Limited

We understand your challenges


No matter what stage your are at on your Net Zero journey, we’re here to propel you towards a sustainable future with impact; and with more than 1000 efficiency projects completed, we understand your challenges.

Lack of capital funding.

We fund your energy efficiency projects upfront, in return you pay a monthly fee that’s fixed for the life of the service.

Transparency in savings available.

Our MY ZeERO platform tracks the savings you make, providing 100% transparency and assurance.

Lack of knowhow and resources.

Our energy experts will guide you every step of the way, ensuring all of your stakeholders are kept fully informed and provided with the information they need.

Other pressing priorities.

We understand that getting to Net Zero is challenging, that’s why we’ve made the journey profitable allowing you to spend the savings on what matters most.

How it works

4 simple steps to save energy with no capital.

No obligation survey

A no obligation, data-driven energy and lighting survey to assess your current energy consumption, infrastructure and lighting levels.

Audit grade proposal

Within 2 weeks we will present a detailed proposal outlining our proposed efficiency solutions tailored to your needs, along with your projected savings.


We switch your inefficient technology to new efficient and high-quality products with no disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Energy as a service

You pay a fixed monthly fee out of your savings. Your new equipment is fully maintained at its optimum level for the life of the service.

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Accelerate your journey toward Net Zero, today

eEnergy transforms warehouse and logistic hubs into sustainable powerhouses with all-inclusive energy-as-a-service solutions. Championing solar power, EV charging, advanced LED lighting, and energy analytics optimisation, we pave the way to a greener future. Seize the opportunity to reduce carbon footprints, save costs, and become a beacon for others.

Fast-track your journey to Net Zero and beyond with eEnergy’s end-to-end energy management – act now!


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Here are the most common questions asked when considering our service

What happens at the end of the contract?

After the initial contract term is completed, you can continue benefitting from your solution; eliminating energy waste, reducing lighting costs, generating clean solar energy or charging electric vehicles. We will present a number of options to you so that you can continue to enjoy lower energy costs and carbon emissions, including hassle-free service and maintenance.


What if we don’t see the savings in your audit?

You will! eEnergy have completed over 1000 projects across the public and private sector, and our data driven process and technology platform ensures total accuracy in calculating both your current costs and projected savings.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do it ourselves?

We have supplier level agreements with leading manufacturers across Europe, which gives us access to the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. This means that, even with our fee added, the total price you pay over the contract will be comparable to installing these energy solutions yourself.

By using eEnergy, you are eliminating the need for upfront costs, and including maintenance in fixed monthly fees.

How long is the service?

Our service contracts are typically for 5-10 years, during which we fully maintain your equipment.

Can I use my own capital funding?

Yes of course. If you’d rather fund your project with your own capital, then we are more than happy to discuss alternative funding options with you. You can even use a mix of your own capital and our funded solution.