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Year 1 NET Savings

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Annual Carbon reduction

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Reduction in lighting

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10-year NET Savings

New lighting and lower cost

This installation was carried out at no upfront cost to the school.  The capital is paid from a portion of the energy savings over the next seven years.


The solution

Not only will Purley Oaks Primary School save £80,061 over the next 10 years, they will also significantly reduce their carbon footprint, supporting the school’s sustainability goals. In total they will reduce their CO2 emissions by 160 tonnes.

That is the equivalent of over 397,000 miles worth of driving in a standard family car or as much carbon as 2,646 trees would capture in ten years.

eEnergy provided an excellent lighting solution for our school, replacing our old, tired and costly-to-run lights with no upfront cost. Install was straightforward and since making the switch we have significantly reduced our energy bills and carbon footprint, and have no maintenance. Staff have commented that the new lighting is much better and it has really improved the classroom environment.

Shirley Si Ahmed

The future of energy is in your hands. Let’s take the first step