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10-year NET Savings

eEnergy and Arnold Lodge School

eEnergy worked with Arnold Lodge School to improve consumption, carbon emissions and costs via updated LED lighting.  This resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of 64.3%, and NET savings of £51,200 over 10 years.


About Arnold Lodge School

Arnold Lodge was founded in late 1864, the school originally started as a boys only school and was known for its academic excellence and high standards in music, art, drama and sport. In 1977, the boys only rule was abolished, and girls were welcomed to the school, increasing pupil numbers to 360 students between the ages 4 – 18, with access to multiple curricula.


The challenge

Executing large scale upgrades and improvement can place a financial burden and stress on any school. Based in Warwickshire, Arnold Lodge School wanted to upgrade from their older inefficient lighting without the resulting financial strain. Working with eLight, Arnold Lodge School were able to upgrade their lighting at no upfront cost. eEnergy invested 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the new energy-efficient lighting upgrade.


The solution

We use products from the best manufacturers across Europe, and due to our relationship with the manufacturers, we offer the best value and cost for the client.

The latest generation lighting technology was used across all facilities,  increasing lux levels between 15-25%.

Arnold Lodge School can now enjoy the benefits of high-quality LED light fittings which helps to improve concentration and productivity across the school setting while reducing the lighting costs and cutting emissions.


The results

  • Gross savings per year £7,764
  • 5-year NET savings of £38,820
  • 10-year NET savings of £51,979
  • 64% reduction in lighting cost

We are delighted without new LED lighting upgrade. Unlike most energy saving projects, lighting delivers immediate and tangible benefits. There was no upfront cost and we have seen a huge improvement in lighting quality. The eLight process and installation were managed very professionally with minimum disruption of our school life.

Chris Michael, IT & Facilities Manager

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