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Reduction in lighting costs

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Gross savings per annum

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Year 10 NET Savings

The challenge

Woodhouse Grove School were extremely keen to carry out improvement works throughout the school. By partnering with eLight, the school was able to install a lux level LED lighting system with no upfront capital investment required; a key consideration for the school. After one year the school has made a net annual saving of £12,203, which totals £326,168 in ten years.


The solution

Executing large scale upgrades and improvement can place a financial burden and stress on any school. Based in Warwickshire, Arnold Lodge School wanted to upgrade from their older inefficient lighting without the resulting financial strain. Working with eLight, Arnold Lodge School were able to upgrade their lighting at no upfront cost. eLight invested 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the new energy-efficient lighting upgrade.


The results

By incorporating energy efficiency, Woodhouse Grove have improved the learning environment while setting an example in terms of sustainability leadership for their students. Schools can make a difference by installing low carbon energy solutions and reduce their burden on the environment


Lux Levels : 200 LUX

Annual Cost: £63,866


Lux Levels: 350 LUX

Annual lighting costs: £19,546


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