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Saving energy and carbon through LED lighting and onsite solar

Bellevue Place Education Trust, a multi-academy trust partnered with eEnergy to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards their net zero goal by 2030. eEnergy provided comprehensive energy efficiency solutions, including LED lighting and solar PV installations.

Bellevue Place Education Trust manages nine primary schools across London and Berkshire, providing over 2,500 children with a broad and enriching educational experience. Committed to achieving net zero by 2030, the Trust signed up to the Let’s Go Zero pledge and sought immediate, effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Challenge.

eEnergy was engaged to help the Trust identify ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They installed MY ZeERO across the nine schools to provide visibility of energy consumption at a circuit level, revealing an opportunity to reduce energy consumption through LED lighting installation.

The Solution.

MY ZeERO intelligent metering demonstrated the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects and identified energy wastage, such as out-of-hours consumption. eEnergy recommended behavioural changes, resulting in a 10% reduction in energy usage. Surveys identified that five schools needed LED lighting upgrades, leading to a 30 tCO2e reduction in carbon emissions and annual savings of approximately £6,562.

For the next phase of their net zero journey, the Trust sought to install solar PV systems to generate their own energy and export surplus back to the grid. eEnergy proposed a total solar PV solution for the nine schools, estimating a 67-tonne reduction in annual carbon emissions. The first phase involved installing 212 solar PV panels across three schools.

The Results.

  • 61% reduction in energy consumption for lighting
  • 30 tCO2e reduction in annual carbon emissions from lighting
  • £115,533 NET savings over 10 years from LED lighting
  • 20% reduction in energy costs from solar generation
  • 28% energy self-sufficiency from solar generation
  • £410,000 NET savings over 25 years from rooftop solar
  • 51-tonne combined annual CO2 emissions reduction from energy efficiency measures
  • 24% to 37% reduction in overall electricity consumption across all schools


Through eEnergy’s comprehensive energy efficiency solutions, Bellevue Place Education Trust is on track to achieve their net zero goal by 2030. The LED lighting and solar PV installations not only reduced their carbon footprint but also generated significant financial savings. This successful partnership demonstrates the power of taking decisive action towards a more sustainable future.

Bellevue Place Education Trust testimonial.

“Since working with eEnergy, our bills have reduced quite significantly. Starting with our lighting which has reduced 80% across our schools. Generally our energy usage has gone down between 24% and up to 37.5% in one of our schools.

We’re working closely with our children, and our children hold us to account and want to see us tackling this agenda, and see us be very active in reducing our energy and carbon.”

Mark Greatrex, Chief Executive


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