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Reduction in lighting energy costs

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Year 1 NET savings across 3 branches


TCO2 Carbon reduction per year

Plumbase and eEnergy

Plumbase has recently switched to energy efficient LED lighting, to upgrade branches at Burton upon Trent, Telford and Stourbridge. eEnergy installed 180 new lighting fittings across three Plumbase branches to improve the quality of lighting and reduce energy waste.


About Plumbase

Plumbase are a leading national plumbers’ merchant and are part of Grafton Group plc which is a Dublin-based organisation operating in the UK and Ireland. Its principal activities are builders and plumbers merchanting, DIY retailing and mortar. In the UK Grafton is the fourth largest merchanting business trading from 426 locations.


The challenge

The existing lighting across the three branches was in poor condition, with some areas experiencing low light levels and even dark patches. Lighting was identified as the single largest consumer of electricity in the stores, meaning there was a great opportunity to minimise energy waste. Plumbase were not only keen to reduce energy costs but also improve the light levels and accelerate their sustainability credentials.


The solution

We redesigned the lighting layout in the front-of-house to triple light levels and give a consistent ‘brand’ design across stores. The warehouse lighting was replaced mostly point for point with the inclusion of motion sensors to automatically turn light off when not required to increase savings. Overall, the new lighting solution for the pilot stores reduced lighting consumption by 80% and whole store electricity consumption by 52%.


Pipe Warehouse


The results

  • 80% reduction in lighting energy costs
  • Year 1 NET saving £8,076
  • Year 10 NET saving £80,767
  • Carbon reduction per year 16.2 TCO2

The lighting refurbishment carried out went very well, the team were excellent. They completed the work quickly and efficiently with no disruption to the branch over the two days they were here.

Paul Watkin – Branch Manager, Plumbase

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