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Queen Alexandra Hospital

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Queen Alexandra Hospital: Embracing the Future with Compassionate Care

The Queen Alexandra Hospital is the bustling heart of the Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. Providing an expansive range of services to the local population of about 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, the hospital is an impressive hub of medical expertise and compassionate care. Housing more than 8,732 staff, 1,200 beds, and boasting an annual turnover close to £600 million, it is a beacon of the medical community. The hospital serves as a regional cancer centre and hosts the country’s largest Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit, Joint Hospitals Group South.

Powering Up for a Green Future: The Challenge.

The hospital was facing a significant obstacle. Previously installed EV charging points, supplied by a different provider, were not operational, causing frustration and confusion among EV drivers. The Trust sought a future-proof and flexible EV charging solution that could monitor EV usage, carbon savings, energy costs, and provide overall value to formulate a robust business plan for EV expansion. The aim was to offer both public and workplace charging across two sites, with multiple tariffs to incentivise off-site parking.

Supercharging Sustainability: The Solution.

The eCharge EV charging solution emerged as the perfect fit for Queen Alexandra Hospital’s needs. They inherited the existing 10 Rolec chargers and installed 8 new futuristic eCharge 22kw chargers. Designed for easy expansion, the solution ensures future-proofing. To overcome the challenge of poor mobile signals at the charger locations, an additional router was installed to enhance mobile 5G coverage. The eCharge portal, powered by Fuuse, enables efficient management, monitoring, and monetisation of the EV charging infrastructure. This solution facilitated setting up of multiple tariffs to incentivise staff to park off-site at the park and ride car park.

Energising the Trust: The Results.

The eCharge solution has turbocharged Queen Alexandra Hospital’s journey towards a greener future. With a total of 18 chargers – 8 for the public and 10 designated for staff – EV drivers are now experiencing a seamless charging service. Off-site parking has been successfully promoted, thanks to the tiered tariff system. The hospital now possesses real-time capability to track EV utilisation, carbon savings, and energy costs, aiding in the creation of a robust business plan for further EV expansion. Significant financial savings have been realised alongside a considerable reduction in carbon emissions, demonstrating the Trust’s commitment to sustainability. The eCharge solution stands as a testament to Queen Alexandra Hospital’s drive for patient care, staff welfare, and environmental stewardship, all whilst powering into the future.


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