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NET saving across 5 years

Cutting costs and carbon emissions with innovative LED solutions

eEnergy partnered with ByBox to upgrade their lighting systems and improve energy efficiency across their storage facilities. Through this collaboration, ByBox was able to significantly reduce maintenance costs, save on energy expenses, and decrease carbon emissions by 80 TCO2 across their sites.

ByBox is a leading provider of field service inventory management, ensuring that clients have the right parts at the right place and time. With 1,000 inventory sites and 40,000 lockers across 16 countries, ByBox delivers 30 million items per year and boasts a 99.7% on-time delivery rate.

The Challenge.

ByBox identified the need for energy efficiency improvements, with a focus on upgrading their aging and inefficient lighting systems within their storage facilities. They selected their Solihull site as a pilot to demonstrate the effectiveness of eEnergy’s lighting solutions and technical expertise.

The solution.

Impressed by eEnergy’s comprehensive lighting survey and zero CapEx solution, ByBox chose to collaborate with the team to install energy-efficient LED lighting in their storage facilities. The new lighting system at the Solihull site alone resulted in an annual saving of £26,604 and a reduction of over 32 TCO2 in carbon emissions. Following the success of the pilot, ByBox is now looking to roll out LED upgrades to additional sites in the UK.

The results.

Through their partnership with eEnergy, ByBox achieved:

  • £269,389 net savings across 5 years
  • A total of 398 TCO2 carbon reduction within 5 years
  • A 10-year cost saving summary calculated at £703,497


eEnergy’s innovative LED lighting solutions enabled ByBox to significantly improve their energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and decrease their carbon emissions. The success of the pilot at the Solihull site highlights the potential for further savings and environmental benefits as ByBox continues to expand their energy efficiency measures across their UK facilities.



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