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Powering Forward with eCharge

Cats Protection: Feline Guardians Leading the Charge!

Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, stands as a beacon for feline welfare, reaching out to a staggering 200,000 cats and kittens annually. With a mighty network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres, they stretch their helping paw across the nation, transforming lives one cat at a time.

But they’re not just about rescue and rehoming – they’re champions for cat rights. They tirelessly advocate for improved animal welfare laws, run vital neutering programs, and take education into the heart of communities, sparking a nationwide passion for cat care.

Now, they’re driving change in more ways than one. Embracing a greener future, Cats Protection has accelerated their sustainability journey by switching their fleet of vehicles to electric vans. This bold step amplifies their commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning seamlessly with their vision to enrich lives, for both the whiskered and human members of our communities.

Challenge: Revving Up for a Greener Journey.

Cats Protection was ready to put pedal to the metal and transition their vehicle fleet to electric vans. Their commitment to sustainability was stronger than ever, but they faced a roadblock – no charging points for their new electric fleet! The race was on to replace old, non-smart chargers and install cost-effective, smart charging solutions across 30 unique sites, all within budget constraints.

Solution: eEnergy Takes the Wheel.

eEnergy rose to the occasion, winning the business through a competitive tender process. We promised and delivered an innovative, robust, and cost-effective eCharge EV charging solution. With a total of 60 chargers installed – two per site – we shifted gears to maximum efficiency.

Our eCharge solution was a shining example of smart tech, enabling Cats Protection to manage all charge points from a single central hub. Adding another layer of convenience and security, we integrated RFID authenticity, empowering their drivers to tap, charge, and zoom away!

The project management required nimble navigation. Each site was locally managed, necessitating the careful balance of on-site and head office expectations. Working in sync with three installation partners across all 30 sites, we drove home a high-quality installation process.

We did our homework, conducting 30 site visits and rigorously reviewing each survey to engineer the safest and most cost-effective charging solution. We even played a part in landlord negotiations, providing detailed scopes of work when required.

Results: Zooming into a Sustainable Future.

The results were nothing short of electrifying. Cats Protection now boasts a robust, smart, and cost-effective charging infrastructure. Our eCharge solution turbocharges their fleet management, providing full visibility and control over the charging process from a central location.

RFID authentication added an extra layer of security and convenience, allowing only authorised drivers to use the charging points. And the best part? All of this revved up efficiency was delivered within budget.

This project perfectly showcased eEnergy’s dedication to delivering top-notch, innovative, and sustainable solutions, customised to the unique needs and challenges of our clients. Through this successful partnership, Cats Protection moved into the fast lane towards their sustainability goals, ensuring smooth operations across all their locations. Full speed ahead to a greener future!


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