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A Pillar of Health: NHS Barnet Chase Farm Hospital

Serving a population of 1.2 million individuals across the boroughs of Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey, the NHS Barnet Chase Farm Hospital is a cornerstone of community healthcare. As a vital part of the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust , Chase Farm employs over 3,300 staff members across 20 community locations, providing a multitude of services. From specialised mental health assistance to nationally recognised forensic services, the Trust has built an impressive reputation for patient care.

Navigating the Path to Net Zero.

The Trust were dealing with multiple challenges in relation to their energy costs and Net Zero targets. Whilst the main Chase Farm Hospital was rebuilt in 2018, the wider site contains a host of older buildings with significant potential to improve energy efficiency.  The Trust were juggling challenges of increased energy costs, NHS Green Plan targets and the impending expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). They needed a solution that would work with their stretched NHS budgets whilst reducing energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

The Trust engaged eEnergy to support them with a co-ordinated approach to meeting these challenges head on via the deployment of energy efficient LED lighting, onsite solar generation and a comprehensive EV charging solution.

Creating a Brighter Future at Chase Farm.

The Trust needed eEnergy’s lighting expertise to replace ageing and inefficient lighting which was expensive to run and maintain. This spanned 982 light fittings in The Oaks, Silver Birches and Chase Buildings at the Chase Farm Hospital site.

eEnergy’s lighting specialists swung in to action delivering an investment grade site audit, detailed lighting design and independent technology specification, combined with complete project management to provide a new lighting installation that met the exacting lux levels and patient requirements required by the Trust including specialist requirements such as anti-ligature light fittings. The solutions were specifically designed to provide the Trust with the optimum cash flows and return on investment.

Powering Healthcare with Low-cost, Clean Solar Energy.

As part of an integrated approach to the accelerating the Trust’s Net Zero journey , eEnergy also identified the opportunity to deploy rooftop solar generation at the Chase Farm site to further reduce energy costs, building on the savings made by the switch to energy efficient LED lighting.

eEnergy’s expert solar designers ensured the system was sized to reflect the new lower lighting costs and to optimise return on investment for the Trust within the constraints of the available roof space.

The solar system deployed for the Trust comprised of a 95.68 kWp roof mounted system​, delivering a 893.91 kWh/ kWp yield​. This will deliver  85,529 kWh of clean solar energy generation in the first year alone, with the added benefit of reducing annual carbon emissions by 16.5 tonnes, all whilst providing net savings of £481k over 25 years.

 The ULEZ Challenge.

With the impending expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), a significant challenge arose for the Trust and its committed workforce. The new emission standards equated to daily charges of up to £17 for non-compliant vehicles. This added expense threatened to increase commuting costs for employees, amplifying the need for an effective EV charging infrastructure at the hospital.

Empowering Transformation: The eCharge Solution.

Meeting this challenge head-on, eEnergy offered its comprehensive eCharge EV charging solutions. Fourteen state-of-the-art 22kw EV charge points were installed at strategic locations around the hospital, simplifying the charging process, reducing costs, and setting a new benchmark for energy efficiency.

The eCharge EV operator portal is an integrated, user-friendly platform for managing, monitoring, and monetising the EV charging infrastructure. This portal isn’t just a tool for basic charger management; it’s a comprehensive solution that addresses and resolves issues proactively, from charger availability to optimised energy usage.

eCharge’s compatibility with all OCPP chargers, coupled with its ability to tailor its services to fit specific needs, makes it a valuable asset for the Trust. By enhancing charger visibility through integration with popular mapping tools such as Zap-Map, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, eCharge makes chargers easily discoverable.

Through preventative measures against bay hogging, advanced booking options for drivers, and robust tools for remote charger maintenance, eCharge ensures maximised uptime and smooth operations. Moreover, eCharge enables data-backed EV charging strategies that guarantee the Trust’s sites can handle the charging needs, thanks to features such as a power capacity audit and Multi-Level Dynamic Load Balancing.

Driving Progress: The Unprecedented Impact.

The introduction of the eCharge EV charging solution sparked an operational revolution within the Trust’s transportation landscape. The 22kw charge points catered to the hospital’s diverse EV charging needs and provided a countermeasure to the financial burden imposed by the ULEZ expansion on its employees.

The eCharge portal, with its intuitive interface, streamlined the management of multiple charging points across various locations. This efficient resource allocation, combined with minimised downtime, significantly boosted user satisfaction.

The Trust’s collaboration with eEnergy stands as a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in fostering healthier, more sustainable communities. By offering a robust EV charging infrastructure for employees and visitors alike, the Trust has taken a further significant stride towards a greener, more energy-efficient future.


  • Annual carbon emissions reduced by 46.5 tCO2e.
  • 10-year NET saving of £485k from LED lighting.
  • 25-year NET saving of £481k from onsite solar generation.
  • 53% reduction in lighting energy costs
  • 14 x 22kWh chargers, minimising the impact of the ULEZ zone for staff.

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