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Reduction in lighting costs


Year 1 NET savings


tCO2e carbon reduction per year

Cutting costs and carbon emissions through an innovative lighting upgrade

Mollaghan’s Furniture, a family-run business in Longford, partnered with eEnergy to upgrade their lighting system without incurring upfront costs. Through eEnergy’s Light as a Service model, Mollaghan’s can now enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient LED lighting, resulting in significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Located in the heart of Longford town, Mollaghan’s Furniture is dedicated to supplying quality furniture, carpets, and lighting from their extensive modern store. As a family-owned business, they are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products.

The challenge.

Mollaghan’s Furniture sought to reduce their operational costs and environmental impact by upgrading their lighting system. However, they needed a solution that would not require a significant upfront investment.

The solution.

eEnergy’s Light as a Service model provided Mollaghan’s Furniture with the opportunity to upgrade their lighting system without any upfront costs. eEnergy covered 100% of the capital costs associated with the design, supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of the energy-efficient lighting upgrade. This investment allowed Mollaghan’s to enjoy the benefits of high-quality LED light fittings and a 66% reduction in lighting costs, equivalent to €145,057 in savings over ten years.

The results.

By partnering with eEnergy, Mollaghan’s Furniture achieved:

  • 66% reduction in lighting energy costs
  • Year 1 NET saving of €3,254
  • Year 10 NET saving of €145,057
  • Annual carbon reduction of 34.8 TCO2


Mollaghan’s Furniture’s collaboration with eEnergy demonstrates that it is possible to make significant cost savings and reduce environmental impact without making cuts in business operations. The innovative Light as a Service model enabled Mollaghan’s to upgrade their lighting system, resulting in substantial financial savings and a lower carbon footprint, further enhancing their commitment to sustainable business practices.

Mollaghan’s Furniture testimonial.

“Since the project was delivered, we have seen improvement in our lighting quality and a significant reduction in lighting costs. Replacing our old, traditional lighting with an energy efficient solution was an easy win for the business.”

Michael Mollaghan, Managing Director


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