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Reduction in lighting energy costs


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Craft Brewery Reduces Carbon Emissions and Saves on Energy Costs

Boyne Brewhouse, an award-winning craft brewery located in Co. Louth, Ireland, values nature and the environment as a vital part of their business. They partnered with eEnergy to design and implement a lighting system that would be more environmentally friendly and reduce energy costs.

The Challenge.

Boyne Brewhouse sought a solution to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint, while also achieving cost savings on lighting.

The Solution.

eEnergy designed and installed a new lighting system for Boyne Brewhouse, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and lighting costs. The brewery now saves over 62% in lighting costs and reduces its carbon emissions by 25 tonnes every year.

The Results.

  • LUX levels increased from 200 LUX to 350 LUX
  • Annual lighting costs reduced from €10,308 to €3,910
  • 62% reduction in lighting energy costs
  • Year 10 NET saving of €30,685
  • Carbon reduction per year: 25 tCO2e


By partnering with eEnergy, Boyne Brewhouse successfully implemented an environmentally friendly lighting system that not only reduces their carbon footprint but also significantly lowers energy costs. This collaboration highlights the brewery’s commitment to sustainability and exemplifies the benefits of adopting energy-efficient solutions.

Boyne Brewery testimonial.

“As a craft brewery, sustainability is an important part of our philosophy. We are very attuned to the importance of nature. All of our ingredients are natural. Reducing our energy by 62% for lighting is a really positive step for us. The fact is that it was done with no capital requirement and that it will deliver savings for years to come is an extra bonus for us.”

Sally Anne Cooney, Founder and CEO


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