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Castlemartyr Resort: Driving Luxury Guest Experiences with Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

Castlemartyr Resort, a stunning five-star haven in Cork, Ireland, offers guests a luxurious retreat steeped in 18th-century grandeur. Set amidst 220 acres of lush parkland and lakes, the resort is a captivating blend of old-world elegance and contemporary amenities. From gastronomic delights across three dining venues to a world-class spa, gymnasium, and an 18-hole golf course, Castlemartyr aims to curate unparalleled guest experiences. As part of their ongoing journey towards sustainability and Net Zero targets, the resort resolved to electrify their service with the addition of electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

Challenge: Powering Luxury with Sustainability.

Aiming to supercharge their guest amenities, Castlemartyr Resort had their sights set on installing EV chargepoints. They wanted to enhance their offerings for the burgeoning number of electric vehicle owners and attract eco-conscious travellers. The challenge lay in executing the installation seamlessly between 9am and 5pm to ensure zero disruption to their guests’ tranquil sojourns. Additionally, they needed to futureproof the chargepoints and find the perfect positions for them.

Solution: eEnergy – Charging Ahead.

eEnergy put the pedal to the metal, providing an end-to-end solution that included funding, supplying, and installing four 22kW fast chargers at the resort. We drove the initiative further, laying additional infrastructure for more chargers to be integrated in early 2023, thus minimising future disruption.

The extensive civil works needed to position the chargepoints precisely as per Castlemartyr’s preference were conducted swiftly and smoothly, ensuring the highest standards of service and guest experience.

Results: Powering Experiences, Empowering Sustainability.

Castlemartyr Resort’s foray into electric charging was met with resounding success. The resort now leverages eEnergy’s eCharge software, which enables them to set custom tariffs for diverse user groups, including staff, visitors, and the public. The system empowers them to exert full control over their electric infrastructure by restricting access, defining charging hours, and providing live updates on charge status, energy consumption, and CO2 savings.

Conclusion: Accelerating into a Greener Future.

Through their collaboration with eEnergy, Castlemartyr Resort marked a significant milestone in their sustainability journey while levelling up their guest experience. The state-of-the-art EV charging facilities not only futureproof their operations but also bolster their green credentials. Guests can now enjoy the luxury of charging their electric vehicles amidst the tranquil surrounds, making their stay at Castlemartyr Resort an even more enriching and eco-friendly experience.

Castlemartyr testimonial.

“Dealing with eEnergy was a very easy and straightforward process. From initial contact to project completion everything was communicated in a clear and concise manner. The proposal was well presented, the handover and training provided was a very high standard, the project was delivered on time and the workmanship surrounding actual install was excellent with great respect show to the property.”

Barry Hennessy, Director of Property. (2023)


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