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Swinging into a Sustainable Future: The eEnergy-Gleneagles Partnership

Gleneagles, a beacon of luxury in the heart of Scotland, is famed for its world-class hospitality, incredible views, and unrivalled array of activities. With a history dating back nearly a century, Gleneagles has long been a favourite destination for travellers in search of tranquillity, relaxation, and exceptional service. The stunning estate and resort includes three championship golf courses, an award-winning spa, and a variety of sporting pursuits, offering something for every guest. But, Gleneagles isn’t just about the past, it’s a forward-thinking establishment that continually evolves to meet the changing needs of its guests and society.

Powering Progress: The Challenge.

In an era where the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is soaring, Gleneagles found itself faced with a pressing need: to offer reliable EV charging facilities to its guests and employees. They needed a solution that not only catered to the needs of their patrons, but also to the needs of the different legal entities operating on their property. Gleneagles also sought a charging management platform that could handle multiple locations and ensure convenient payment collection.

Charging Ahead: The Solution.

eEnergy, a trusted energy partner for Gleneagles, stepped up to address this challenge head on. Drawing from our years of energy procurement and energy management experience with Gleneagles, we provided an exceptional solution in the form of eCharge EV charging stations.

16 eCharge 22kW chargers were supplied; 12 for the main hotel car park, and the remaining 4 for the Glenmore Owners accommodation. We configured the platform to enable valet parking staff to use the chargers, adding another layer of convenience for the clients. Moreover, understanding the unique structure of Gleneagles, we set up the payment processing of EV charging to cater to two separate accounts teams.

With our pioneering MY ZeERO solution, we helped Gleneagles identify and address energy waste while reporting on their ESG metrics. Embracing a flexible purchasing strategy with a 100% renewable supply contract, Gleneagles has managed to avoid 3,121 tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2021.

Achieving Green Goals: The Results.

The eCharge solution has since become a pillar of Gleneagles’ environmental commitment, with excellent feedback from guests and staff alike. The installation of the EV chargers has seamlessly integrated into the existing services and infrastructure at Gleneagles, enhancing guest convenience while helping the estate further its sustainability goals.

Moreover, the strategic move to a flexible energy purchasing strategy has paid dividends, as Gleneagles has not only avoided significant CO2 emissions but also made considerable energy savings. The MY ZeERO solution has been instrumental in this, allowing for granular insights into energy usage patterns, fostering a culture of energy awareness, and driving significant cost savings.

Through our long-standing relationship with Gleneagles, eEnergy has again demonstrated its commitment to facilitating our clients’ energy transition, delivering trusted energy solutions that don’t just meet, but exceed expectations. Whether through energy procurement, EV charging solutions, or energy management, we are proud to help Gleneagles continue its tradition of excellence while achieving its sustainability goals.

Gleneagles testimonial.

“Celebrating a stellar partnership with Gleneagles, eCharge by eEnergy has charged forward, delivering seamless, innovative energy solutions! Their vision of a sustainable future perfectly aligns with ours, inspiring a synergy that’s palpable. We’ve combined luxury with cutting-edge technology, enhancing their guest experience while meeting crucial environmental goals. It’s been more than just delivering EV charging solutions; it’s been about pioneering change, driving sustainability, and building a future together. A seamless implementation, rave reviews, and significant energy savings – the results speak for themselves. Our partnership with Gleneagles isn’t just power-packed, it’s future-ready. And the future, I must say, looks incredibly bright!”

Neil Campbell, MD of eCharge.



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