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Why we’re in cahoots with Ocean Bottle

At eEnergy, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk! Our core mission as a digital energy services provider is to eliminate energy waste and make Net Zero profitable. In line with this commitment, we’re excited to share a recent initiative that’s close to our hearts.

We’ve always believed in making impactful, sustainable choices, and our recent collaboration with Ocean Bottle perfectly embodies this belief

Why Go Plain When You Can Go Ocean?

When hunting for a cool way to quench our thirst, we didn’t just want a bottle. We wanted a statement. And Ocean Bottle wasn’t just shouting; they were belting out an anthem we could groove to!

Ride the Wave with Us!

Guess what every eEnergy rockstar now has on their desk? A slick, co-branded eEnergy-Ocean Bottle! But it’s not just about the swag. Whether we’re hustling in the office, schmoozing with clients, or rockin’ an on-site gig, this bottle is our ticket out of the single-use plastic concert. And man, does it have a backstory!

For every Ocean Bottle we snagged, we’ve stopped 1,000 would-be ocean-bound plastics dead in their tracks. Quick math: with 120 bottles, that’s 120,000 plastic gatecrashers we’ve barred from the ocean party.

But hold onto your hats, it gets wilder! By teaming up with Ocean Bottle, we’re also dropping some beats in coastal communities. Collectors there are not just keeping plastics at bay – they’re scoring cool perks like healthcare, education, and financial vibes. Talk about a win-win encore!

Getting the Global Groove On.

We’re jamming, and so are big names in the media:

“If Apple designed a drinks container for life, this would be it.”The Times

“Fighting plastic pollution at grassroots levels.”Forbes

With eyes set on scooping up 7 BILLION BOTTLES by 2025, Ocean Bottle is setting the stage for an epic eco-fest. And eEnergy? We’re diving into that mosh pit!

Ready to Rock a Cleaner, Cooler Future? 

We are! And we’re cranking up the volume on sustainability. Our collab with Ocean Bottle is just the opening act.

So, the next time you take a sip, remember – it’s not just hydration, it’s a revolution. Let’s ride this wave to a greener tomorrow, one epic bottle at a time!

Cheers to the eco-beat that keeps on rocking!


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