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eEnergy & WSSA’s Cool Collaboration for Climate

There’s a buzz in the air, and it’s not just from our energy-saving initiatives. It’s a call from the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. They’re telling a tale of change, and instead of just listening, we’re taking action – and we’re doing it in style.

Unveiling: The Climate Influencer Program.

Here’s the scoop: We’re teaming up with the adrenaline junkies at the Warren Smith Ski Academy (WSSA). Why? To launch the Climate Influencer Program, an uber-cool initiative that blends the thrill of winter sports with the zeal to combat climate change. We’re talking action, education, and a whole lot of empowerment. Now that packs a WALLOP!

Catch the Drift with WSSA.

If you’ve ever caught a wave or skied a slope, you know the thrill. Now, imagine those slopes changing. WSSA isn’t just teaching skiing; they’re our eyes and ears on the slopes, narrating the firsthand tales of climate change’s impact. This unique partnership? Think of it as a meeting of minds where energy efficiency waltzes with winter sports. Now that’s cool in anyone’s book. Right!

Dive into the Chill Vibes.

The Climate Influencer Program isn’t just talk. We’re rolling out four uber-cool events every year. London’s urban chic meets Verbier’s alpine charm in gatherings that promise inspiration and innovation.

Here’s what we’re serving up:

  1. Eco-Efficiency Elixirs: Tricks to slash your org’s energy consumption, making the planet and your wallet happier.
  2. Networking Nirvana: Mingle with the eco-warriors of the private and public sectors, sharing tales from the Net Zero frontline.
  3. Alpine Alerts: Hear it from Warren Smith and his squad about the changing ski landscape – it’s a wild ride!
  4. Sustainability Soirées: Rub elbows with the thought leaders reimagining a sustainable future.

Step Up to the Eco-Deck.

Influence isn’t just about Instagram likes. We’re championing a new kind of influencer – the Climate Influencer. This is your VIP pass to make a mark, to ensure your vibes resonate in the right way, shaping a cooler, brighter future.

Hop Onboard the Green Groove.

Our invitation is simple: Don’t just watch the thermometer rise. Be the change, feel the rhythm, and join the dance towards a more sustainable future. With eEnergy and WSSA dropping the beats, we’re setting the stage for a climate-positive rave.

Want in on the action? Slide over to our Climate Influencer Program page. Let’s vibe, thrive, and jive towards a positive climate future!


Harvey Sinclair, CEO of eEnergy

I’m truly exhilarated to announce eEnergy’s partnership with the Warren Smith Ski Academy (WSSA). At eEnergy, we’ve always been at the forefront of innovative energy solutions, but partnering with WSSA adds an entirely new dimension to our mission. Bringing a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective from the very slopes affected by climate change directly to business leaders is not just eye-opening, it’s transformative.

I firmly believe that to truly grasp the urgency of our climate situation, we need not only data and technology, but also visceral, real-world stories and experiences. WSSA brings that vivid narrative from the heart of the Swiss Alps. My hope? That by meshing the practical with the personal, we can create a powerful nudge, driving more leaders to shift from passive acknowledgment to active, positive climate impact. Here’s to a future where our combined efforts ripple out, creating waves of change for a cooler, more sustainable world.

Warren Smith, Professional Freeskier & Ski Coach of WSSA

Every time I carve a path down the mountains, I feel the heartbeat of the Alps – and it’s rapidly changing. Our partnership with eEnergy isn’t just a business move; it’s a commitment to the very terrains that have shaped our passions. By blending the on-ground experiences of skiers with the innovative solutions of industry leaders, we aim to send a clear message: The climate challenge is everyone’s challenge. From the snowy peaks to urban offices, it’s time for unified, impactful action. Together, let’s ensure the mountains continue to inspire generations to come.

Road Leading Through The Winter Forest

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