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eEnergy Legends Blaze an Unprecedented Trail: Team HODL’s Record-Breaking Pacific Odyssey

The annals of history are ablaze with tales of human tenacity, endurance, and the will to overcome insurmountable odds. Today, we are thrilled to add another epic chapter to this chronicle, featuring our eEnergy legends, Luca, Cutu, and Matt, who form the triumphant trio – Team HODL. This daring band of ocean rowers has shattered a world record, completing the fastest-ever Pacific crossing in an astounding 38 days, 16 hours, and 19 minutes. The echoes of their thunderous triumph resound across the globe as we celebrate their monumental achievement.

Embracing the Pacific, Embodying Resilience.

From their launch in Monterey, California, to their victorious arrival at Hanalei, Kaua’i, Hawaii, their odyssey was the very embodiment of their mantra, ‘Hold On for Dear Life.’ With this credo etched deep in their hearts, they stared down the challenges that the mighty Pacific presented, transforming adversity into fuel for their indomitable resolve.

Endless waves of exhaustion threatened to breach their fortitude, but they held fast. The biting cold gnawed at their skin in the beginning, only to be replaced by the sun’s merciless scorching glare. The specter of seasickness relentlessly haunted Matt, but the trio soldiered on. Each hardship they faced was met with unwavering determination and a resounding chorus of positivity.

A Journey Through Debris – A Stirring Reminder.

Rowing their way through the Pacific wasn’t just a physical challenge; it served as a solemn reminder of our planet’s fragility. The sight of floating garbage marring the ocean’s vast expanse was a heart-wrenching sight. It accentuated the urgency of their mission to raise GBP 50,000 for The Ocean Cleanup Charity – a mission they undertook with as much passion as their world-record attempt.

From Underdogs to Record-Breaking Champions.

The outset saw Team HODL as underdogs, trailing behind the fleet, yet undeterred. With the unwavering belief in their mantra and a robust commitment to their mission, they propelled themselves through the ranks. Their steely resolve and resilience led them to lead the fleet, and ultimately, to set an unparalleled record.

They surged past competitors, including the formidable Brother n Oars, proving to the world that the strength of a team lies not in numbers, but in unity, grit, and the will to succeed. Their odyssey marked by tireless efforts, determination, and an unshakeable bond, Team HODL has left an indelible mark on the history of ocean rowing.

A Timeless Legend – The Team HODL Legacy.

Luca, Cutu, and Matt have now become eEnergy legends, their extraordinary achievement paving the way for future ocean adventurers. Their triumphant journey will forever stand as a testament to human spirit and endurance, inspiring others to brave their own oceans, conquer their own storms, and to always, always Hold On for Dear Life.

Here’s to Team HODL – champions, pioneers, and legends. Their story is one of strength, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of a meaningful cause. A cause that transcends personal ambition, speaking to a shared responsibility we all have – to protect and preserve our precious blue planet.

Please join us in raising a toast to Team HODL and their epic, record-breaking journey across the Pacific. Today, we don’t just celebrate a world record; we celebrate the spirit of adventure, the pursuit of purpose, and a legacy that will inspire countless voyages in the future.

Luca, Cutu, and Matt, you’ve etched your names in the stars. You are now, and will forever be, our eEnergy legends. Congratulations!



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“Unyielding courage, sheer grit, and an unshakeable spirit – these are the hallmarks of Team HODL. Luca, Cutu, and Matt, you’ve not just set a new world record, but also raised the bar for human endurance and determination. Your journey, an embodiment of eEnergy’s ethos, has left us all awe-inspired. You undertook a mission larger than yourselves, powering through every wave, every storm with unflinching resolve. As CEO of eEnergy, and on behalf of our entire team, I couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations on your monumental achievement! You are, and will forever remain, true eEnergy legends. Here’s to your incredible feat and to the positive ripples it will undoubtedly create in future endeavors. Bravo, Team HODL!”

Harvey Sinclair, CEO of eEnergy.


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