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eEnergy & Sperrin Integrated College

eEnergy supported Sperrin Integrated College to improve their energy efficiency and deliver long term cash-flow benefits, plus reduced carbon emissions. 1,462 lamps were audited and reviewed for upgrades, resulting in a 64% reduction in lighting costs.


About Sperrin Integrated College

Sperrin Integrated College was established in 2002;  since then they have provided 20 years of the best education for the students. Sperrin strives to provide and encourage equal opportunities for all students, a desire for learning and partnerships with the parents to ensure all students have the chance to reach their full potential.

The College initially opened with 51 students and has now grown to over 500. With a large integrated setting, providing high quality education and resources for all students, lighting was a key element that needed to updated from an environmental, financial and educational perspective.

As heavy energy users, keeping the lights on from 8am through till 4pm, Sperrin understood the need to review this on their journey to being environmental leaders in their community and among their peers.


The challenge

The audit conducted by eEnergy’s lighting experts revealed poor performance for existing lighting systems. High burn hours and low efficiency lighting were leading to high lighting costs. It was important to provide a lighting solution that would financially benefit the school as well as improve quality of lighting output.

The installation needed to be completed without any impact on day-to -day school activities. This included no disruption to teaching, and ensuring no health and safety hazards for students during school hours.


The solution

The LED system was installed without any upfront charges. Sperrin paid for the installation on a monthly basis over seven years, with their energy saving significantly greater than the cost. eEnergy will maintain and guarantee the lights for the period of the contract.


The results

  • Year 1 gross savings of £19,841
  • Total Gross savings over 7 years: £161,549.11
  • Total NET savings over 10 years: £129,414
  • 64% reduction in lighting costs
  • Annual carbon emissions reduced by 62 tCO2e

There has been quite a number of factors that have been important in changing our lighting. Our students are very clear that they want us to be environmentally friendly, and leaders within our environmental strategy.

Brigid Heron, Principal

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