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eEnergy and Prince Henry School

Prince Henry’s High School educates around 1,200 pupils and is an Ofsted-rated outstanding academy for students aged 13-18.

We were initially approached by the operations manager, Alex Hulse, at Prince Henry’s school because he was looking to upgrade the lighting in the school to LED lighting.


About Prince Henry School

Prince Henry’s High School, formally known as Prince Henry’s Grammar School. An Upper school with an academy status. Providing education to over 1,280 students between the ages of 13-18. The school is known to provide outstanding education to support excellent progress amongst students, both secondary and A levels. With the commitment of providing high quality education, guidance and development, there is a drive to make sure the environment supportive to power their future.

On average, each classroom costs £400 to run per year, there are multiple classrooms within Prince Henry’s due to the sum of students enrolled within the school, which resulted in high energy costs and consumption. By switching LED, an average of £100 from each classroom was saved in cost.


The challenge

One of the key challenges when working with any school is to implement lighting and services with minimal disruption to assure students and staff can continue to work towards the future. When installing the new lighting solutions, eEnergy engineers make sure the process is carried out after hours and over the weekends. However, quality and efficiency were not compromised.

Prince Henry’s highlighted concerns for productivity and safety of pupils, the damaged and low-quality lighting, and dim light output resulted in a strenuous environment for students and teachers to function in.


The solution

The new solutions implemented aims to create an improved working and studying environment, with brighter and more efficient lighting. Through this, students were able to concentrate better on their tasks and function at a higher level. The installation of new lighting helped the school align with their compliance standards, whilst savings money and still getting higher lux levels for visual tasks.

The total savings over ten years for the school amount to a total of £186,203, which is the equivalent of a 63% reduction in lighting costs. This is a significant cost saving that has been made at a time when school budgets have been stretched – the school is delighted with their new and improved lighting.


The results

  • First year NET savings £12,653
  • NET Savings of £73,334 over 7 years
  • £186,203 NET savings across 10 years
  • Delivered lighting upgrade with a lifespan of 21+ years
  • Reduction in energy consumption for lighting by 63%
  • Carbon emissions reduction for lighting of 42 tCO2e, equivalent to carbon sequestration of 2,025.
  • High quality LED lighting across the school

All schools are under significant pressure to reduce costs. It is not often that we can do that while improving the learning environment of our students. Our partnership with eEnergy is now delivering real benefits to our school

Mark Webb, Operations Manager

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