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Advancing Towards Sustainable Mobility with eCharge

LumiraDx is a groundbreaking force in the world of diagnostics, paving the way towards accessible and high-quality point of care (POC) testing. Founded in 2014, this team of forward-thinking entrepreneurs has brought to life a transformative platform that facilitates community-based healthcare. From developing and commercialising industry-leading POC diagnostic platforms to employing cloud-based platforms to integrate health system networks, LumiraDx is at the forefront of innovation, improving individuals’ health and system-wide outcomes.

Roadblocks on the Path to Sustainability.

LumiraDx operates across five sites, each requiring an efficient and practical solution for public and workplace EV charging. Their main requirements included a centralised portal to manage their chargers and the ability to charge different rates for staff versus public users. Additionally, landlord approval and site surveying at all sites – Bathgate, Stirling (2 sites), and Eurocentral (2 sites) – were necessary steps to ensure optimal location and installation solutions.

The Challenge: Delivering more than EV charging.

Step in, eCharge by eEnergy! This pioneering solution enabled LumiraDx to accelerate their transition to sustainable mobility without any upfront costs. With a total of 20 chargers installed across the five sites, eEnergy delivered a comprehensive, Energy-as-a-Service solution that transformed LumiraDx’s infrastructure while allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in the green transportation movement.

eEnergy’s team went above and beyond to support LumiraDx with landlord approval and conducted thorough site surveys to determine the most practical installation locations. Training was also delivered remotely, facilitating a seamless transition to the new system.

Furthermore, LumiraDx could now manage their chargers through the eCharge EV operator portal, providing them with tools to oversee, monitor, and monetise their EV charging infrastructure. This platform allowed LumiraDx to set multi-tariffs and manage subscriptions, create additional revenue streams by making workplace chargers accessible to the public, and promote their chargers through popular mapping tools. It also facilitated advanced remote charger maintenance and provided data-backed insights for optimal energy usage, ensuring the sites’ ability to handle the estimated yearly usage of 91MWh.

The Impressive Outcomes.

Embracing eEnergy’s eCharge solution resulted in numerous tangible benefits for LumiraDx. They were able to offer a robust charging solution to their staff and the public, fostering a sustainable and forward-thinking culture. The eCharge EV operator portal gave LumiraDx the control they desired, enabling them to manage their chargers efficiently and create additional revenue streams.

Moreover, eCharge’s compatibility with any OCPP chargers and flexible features allowed LumiraDx to tailor their charging experience to meet their specific needs. The solution’s preventative maintenance capabilities and real-time data on usage and power capacity maximised uptime and ensured their sites could handle the energy demand.

With an estimated annual usage of 91MWh, the chargers also brought significant energy savings, bolstering LumiraDx’s commitment to sustainability. This project was a perfect example of how eEnergy’s innovative eCharge solution could transform an organisation’s approach to energy use, furthering their journey towards sustainable mobility.

LumiraDx is now set to make a significant impact on the green transportation movement, contributing to a healthier planet and leading the way in their industry.


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