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Reduction in lighting costs

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eEnergy supports Aldro

Aldro highlighted the need for improved lighting solutions across the schools. With both day school and boarding within the facilities, it was crucial for the school to have high quality lights to provide the best education and learning environment for their students.

The improvements resulted in consumption saving of 60% and cost savings of £5,602 within the first year. There was a calculated result of lighting operating costs to be reduced by 64% through the new LED lighting that was implemented across the school.


About Aldro

Aldro is a coeducational day and boarding school, with approximately over 200 students between ages 7 and 13. With over 75 years in education, the school has evolved into being a big contributor towards high quality student education within the UK. Aldro aims to provide the best resources for the growth and development of all students within the school through academic, social and development within a mixed environment.


The challenges

The audit revealed the existing systems lack of efficiency. The dim and lower quality system resulted in longer burning hours for less light output, eye strain and decreasing concentration for students. This meant the running and maintenance costs of the lighting was increasing.


The solution

eEnergy’s design solutions that provide the correct lighting level whilst generating the greatest and longest- term cash flows for your school. The quality of materials from the leading LED manufacturer allows a total improvement of LUX and efficiency by 15-25% for the school.

The solution specified covers 7 years warranty across all Luminaries installed and high efficiency of up to 155lm/w. The updated luminaries will have a minimum expected lifetime of 50,000 hrs.


The results

  • Reduction in lighting costs by 70%
  • Carbon reduction per year 16.5 tCO2e
  • Average NET saving per year £13,659
  • 10-year NET savings £113,268

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