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Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on our roads. By the end of September 2022 electric vehicles had claimed a 14% share of the UK’s new car market*, and with Government legislation banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, the sales of electric vehicles will continue to increase rapidly.

The biggest challenge for electric car owners is the lack of charging infrastructure, something often cited by car buyers as the reason for not making the switch. There is a clear shortfall in the UK charging infrastructure, and more organisations should be taking advantage of the benefits that comes with installing chargers on their premises. This is why we have put together a blog explaining three key reasons why your school should be considering EV Chargers.

What are the benefits of installing EV chargers

Access a new revenue source.

With budgets being squeezed from all angles and rising energy costs, we understand the financial pressures that impact the running of a school.

One way to address this, is to install electric vehicle charging units on your premises. The lack of public charging units means that demand is outstripping supply. According to ZapMap, there are currently only 59,000 chargers across the UK and there needs to be 2.3 million by 2030 to keep up with predicted demand^.

With many schools in densely populated areas, they’re in the ideal position to take advantage of this opportunity by offering EV charging facilities to local residents out of school hours.

Move your school towards Net Zero.

Many parents are feeling anxious about the climate crisis and what that will mean for their children and future generations. More and more of the schools we work with are seeking guidance on transitioning their schools to Net Zero. Headteachers are being asked about their sustainability plans by both parents and pupils.

Installing EV chargers has the dual benefit of supporting the school with its Net Zero ambitions and helping the wider community switch to EVs. If the school has started to change vehicles from petrol to electric, they will be able to charge their vehicles at cost, saving the school money. As schools are often the centre of the community, installing charging units will positively impact the move to electric vehicles as parents and local residents will know there are charging units available nearby.

Incentivise employees to make the switch to electric.

As discussed earlier, the lack of public charging units is a barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles. The ability to charge your electric vehicles at work is a great benefit to offer, not only to your existing employees, but also any new recruits. It also demonstrates to your employees that you are leading the way in making your organisation sustainable.

Our unique eCharge platform allows you to set variable rates for a user, meaning that you employees can pay at a lower rate than the general public. Workplace charging will become increasingly important as the squeeze on charging access grows. Having onsite EV charging is an excellent perk for employees.

How eEnergy can help?

At a time when budgets are being squeezed, investing in EV Charging seems counterintuitive. However, we have developed a unique funding model means you can rapidly deploy EV charging units without requiring upfront investment.

Our subscription model allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee, unlocking a new revenue source without capital investment. Installing two 22kWh chargers at your school can be done for as little as £70 per charger per month. Those two chargers could generate you £2,000 every year.

To find out more about how our EV charging solution, eCharge, could help you, click  HERE.

Want to find out how we can support your school deploy EV Charging? Reach out to our team on 020 3813 1550 or email us at [email protected] so we can begin improving your lighting today.

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