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A significant reduction in lighting costs and no disruptions

Kenmare Community School approached eEnergy in 2016, looking for a solution to their energy bills. With lights burning all day and on many evenings too, lighting costs were estimated at €16,395 per annum.


The solution

The installation work took 5 days. Nearly 900 lights were installed and it was all done over the holidays. There was no inconvenience for staff or students.

Like all schools we have to identify funding where we can. Normally, to get these kind of improvements you have to be able to pay a big lump sum up front, that simply isn’t an option for our school, or most schools. Every penny is carefully watched and spending is prioritised. That was excellent, we were installing a system that would not only save us money for the next 15 years, it would actually release cash to us in year one.

Principal Dermot Healy

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