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Energising Education at HEART Academies Trust

HEART Academies Trust, a Bedford-based non-profit charitable company, thrives on a simple philosophy – “Stronger Together”. Empowering local schools, this network of four academies has an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch education and improving life chances for all. Each academy retains its unique identity, underpinning the power of collaboration while advocating for its staff’s commitment and expertise. With this, they strive to maintain a steady pace towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

When Challenges Spark Change: The Carbon Conundrum.

HEART had one formidable challenge to overcome: to significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption across their expansive estate, without disturbing their flow of operations or straining their budget. Their vision was a multifaceted approach, integrating solutions like LED lighting, intelligent energy monitoring, solar power, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. They sought a funded, Department for Education compliant solution, that would roll out smoothly, causing minimal disruption. This is where eEnergy stepped in, with their revolutionary eLight, MY ZeERO, eSolar and eCharge solutions.

Illuminating Possibilities: The eEnergy Intervention.

With eEnergy’s intervention, HEART’s journey was split into two phases.

Phase 1: The Power of Light and Insights.

Starting strong, eEnergy replaced 3,186 lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs, transforming the aesthetic environment across schools while reducing energy consumption. Alongside, the MY ZeERO intelligent energy monitoring system was integrated, providing real-time data on energy use, helping to identify wastage and encourage behavioural changes that resulted in a further 10% reduction in electricity costs.

Phase 2: Harnessing the Sun and Embracing eMobility.

Once the lighting upgrade was complete, the team moved towards the design and installation of a 249kWp roof-mounted solar system across the four schools, reducing grid consumption by 19.6%. Finally, as a strategic move towards clean mobility, 10 eCharge EV chargers by eEnergy were installed across the academies, ensuring reliable, eco-friendly charging for staff and visitors. The eCharge system offered a fully customisable solution tailored to meet HEART’s EV charging needs and a platform that managed multiple tariffs and provided real-time financial and usage data.

Green Triumphs: The Energising Outcomes.

Thanks to eEnergy’s DfE compliant funding solutions, the whole project was deployed at no upfront cost to the Trust. The energy and carbon savings were indeed striking. Phase 1 saw an annual reduction in lighting costs by around £65,722 and carbon emissions by 102 tCO2e per year, resulting in a Year 1 NET saving of £45,722 and a 10-year NET saving of £668,887.

Phase 2 further amplified the benefits with a Year 1 NET saving of £18,306 and a 25-year NET saving of £1,598,518, further reducing carbon emissions by 45 tCO2e per year.

Combining both phases, the total Year 1 NET saving across the Trust was £64,028, with a 10-year NET saving of £869,575, and a whopping 25-year NET saving of £2,267,405. This translated to an annual carbon saving of 147 tCO2e, equivalent to planting 6,861 trees, a green triumph for the Trust.

eCharge: The Game-Changer in Sustainable Mobility.

Accelerating HEART’s transition to sustainable mobility, eEnergy’s eCharge delivered reliable and rapid EV charging without any upfront costs. Ensuring a seamless charging experience, it allowed HEART to step confidently into the future of transportation.

Offering a revenue potential, flexible scheduling, and an all-encompassing approach to 22kW fast EV charging, eCharge was an integral part of the Trust’s journey towards Net Zero. Furthermore, its compatibility with all OCPP chargers, scalability, and ability to promote fuel savings made it a reliable choice.


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