Not sure what EV charger type you should install

We remove the complexity of finding the correct EV charging units for your business. Whether you are hotel looking for 7kW chargers for your guests to use overnight or a logistics business looking for 100kW rapid chargers to power your EV fleet. Our team will collaborate with you to find the right units for your requirements. We offer three types of EV Charger – 7kW, 22kW and 100kW.

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7kW EV Charging Units

These chargers are perfect for vehicles that are parked all day or all night, making them perfect for hotels, schools and offices. Our 7kW chargers take circa 8 hours to charge an EV from 0 to 80% and have less impact on your electricity capacity compared to other more powerful chargers.


22kW EV Fast Charging Units

These charging units will charge a vehicle within a few hours, taking circa 3 hours to charge an EV from 0 to 80%. The faster charging times make them perfect for places with dwell time such as cinemas, shopping centres, pubs and workplaces such as offices with a high number of visitors.

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50-100kW EV Rapid Charging Units

Our Rapid Charging are ideal for destinations where there is a high throughput of vehicles looking for rapid top up charging. Business such as fast turnaround retail, fast food restaurants and logistics businesses can all benefit from rapid charging units. The units will charge an electric vehicle to 80% within an hour.


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Discover which EV charging unit is right for you

Below is breakdown of the key information for each of EV Charging Units.

7kW EV Charging Units

• Good for charging vehicles parked all day or all night
• 0 to 80% charge time – circa 8 hours
• Electricity supply needed – Single phase
• Can be installed on domestic or commercial properties
• Less impact on electricity capacity

22kW EV Fast Charging Units

• Good for charging vehicles within a few hours
• 0 to 80% charge time – circa 3 hours
• Electricity supply needed – Three phase
• Can be installed on commercial properties
• Fast charging for sites with a higher throughput of vehicles

50-100kW EV Rapid Charging Units

• Good for charging vehicles within an hour
• 0 to 80% charge time – less than an hour
• Electricity supply needed – DC
• Can be installed on commercial properties
• Can charge a high volume of vehicles from a small number of chargers

How many chargers should I install?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Our team will work with you to understand your individual requirements, expected vehicle usage and your existing electricity capacity. We will then make a recommendation on how many and what type of chargers you should install.
One of the key benefits of our solution is that our infrastructure design is modular which future proofs your solution, allowing you to quickly add more chargers.

What type of chargers should I install?

This depends upon your individual requirements, the expected vehicle throughput and the expected stay duration. You might want to consider a mix of charger types based on your usage profile. Our experienced team will work with you to design the ideal charging strategy for your business.

How much do the chargers cost to install?

This depends upon how many units you want and the profile of these chargers. Whatever the number and product mix, you don’t have to invest any money upfront. We operate an affordable annual subscription service, meaning you can invest your capital into other areas of your business.
Find out more about our subscription model HERE (Link to EV Charger subscription page)

Who manufacturers the EV Charging units?

Our chargers are manufactured in Europe in partnership with a world leading EV charging manufacturer. Their chargers are used by Amazon, DHL and Tesco.

Who looks after the maintenance of the units?

We do! Your annual subscription includes maintenance of the units for the life of your contract.

Why choose eEnergy?

We offer a range of EV charging units and will deliver a bespoke solution for your business, all via an annual subscription. We can also help you power your EV charging units with the lowest cost renewable energy. Whether that is through our online marketplace or onsite solar generation. We will help you deliver renewable EV charging units.