A future that’s brighter, cooler, and sustainable


In partnership with the Warren Smith Ski Academy, we’re inviting business leaders to become more than just a witness to the changing climate.

Be an advocate, an innovator, and most importantly, an Active Climate Influencer. With eEnergy and WSSA by your side, the future is brighter, cooler, and sustainable.

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Become an Active Climate Influencer

Join the ranks of forward-thinking leaders and innovators who are making a positive difference in the face of climate change. Through our partnership with the renowned Warren Smith Ski Academy (WSSA), we bring you firsthand experiences and solutions from the frontline of our warming world. Join our bespoke events in London, Verbier, and even online.

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Alps of Verbier

Why Climate Matters in the Mountains – and Everywhere

Snow-capped peaks, winter sports, and picturesque resorts like Verbier are under threat. As skiers, snowboarders, and mountain enthusiasts face new dangers, so does the entire ecosystem of the alpine travel and hospitality industry.

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Making Net Zero Achievable and Profitable

Discover how eEnergy is spearheading the drive to identify and eliminate energy waste. Dive deep into how we’re making a profound impact, helping organisations step boldly into a decarbonised future. Understand how your organisation could reduce its energy consumption by up to 60%, all while significantly cutting costs and carbon emissions – and that too, without any capital investment.

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From Thought Leadership to Tangible Change

Experience a series of captivating webinars and intimate events in London and Verbier. Engage with leading voices on the realities of climate change and the urgent actions needed. eEnergy hosts four Climate Influencer events annually, bringing together leaders for bespoke gatherings where you can:

  1. Learn strategies to decrease your organisation’s energy consumption dramatically.
  2. Network with both private and public sector leaders driving towards Net Zero, sharing experiences and challenges.
  3. Hear firsthand from Warren Smith and his Ski Academy Team about the climate challenges in the Swiss Alps, and what it entails for future skiing.
  4. Engage with thought leaders pivotal in shaping your Net Zero and ESG strategy.
Ski mountaineering on glaciers

You’re Already a Climate Influencer

Whether you know it or not, your choices and actions have a footprint. The real question is: Are you leaving a mark that aids or ails our planet? It’s time to realise that everyone has the power to be a force for good.


Technology: The Tool for Tomorrow

Harness the available technology to create impactful change today. eEnergy offers innovative solutions that empower businesses and individuals to become active climate influencers with zero upfront costs.

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Join Us & Shape the Future

Don’t just witness the transformation – be a part of it. Discover how you and your organisation can play a pivotal role in combating climate change. Embrace the challenge, embody the change, and empower the world.

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Road Leading Through The Winter Forest

Be More than a Witness