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(Edinburgh, Bristol, and Coventry)

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Powering Up DoubleTree by Hilton with eCharge

Crackling with hospitality brilliance and encompassing a network of over 660 hotels, DoubleTree by Hilton is truly a global giant. Now, eEnergy begins an exciting chapter with this esteemed chain, kicking off at three key UK locations: Edinburgh Airport, Bristol, and Coventry. DoubleTree Hilton is not just a place to recharge human batteries, it’s an electric oasis for EV drivers too, allowing guests and their cars to refuel and recharge.

A stellar symbol of comfort and innovation, DoubleTree Hilton harbors a vibrant green heart. Their dedication to sustainability powers their action, shaping them into a leader in environmental responsibility. And the journey towards a brighter, cleaner future has just turned electric!

Amping Up for a Challenge.

The pathway to electrification wasn’t without obstacles. A partner was needed to handle the complexities of EV charger installation and infuse it with a revenue-generating facet. The contenders were many, but only one could truly deliver the dynamism and flexibility that DoubleTree Hilton required.

The eCharge Electric Revolution.

Enter eCharge, a powerhouse in EV charging solutions. Undeterred by the challenge, eCharge dived headfirst into comprehensive site surveys. Accuracy was paramount, and they nailed it, ensuring their proposal was on point and the foundations were set.

True to their electric spirit, eCharge flexed their adaptability muscles when faced with a sudden location change at Bristol. They swung into action, redesigning the plan, conducting an additional survey, and absorbing the extra costs.

But the revolution didn’t stop there. eCharge connected Hilton’s own Stripe account to their platform, offering full financial control to DoubleTree Hilton. The stage was set for a new revenue stream, as exciting as it was innovative.

Training sessions? More like electrifying demo days! eCharge drove their own EVs to each site, fueling the Hilton team’s knowledge about the charging process. This engaging approach powered up confidence and understanding across the board.

Supercharged Results.

The results were nothing short of electric! With the new EV Charging stations, DoubleTree Hilton’s commitment to sustainability shone brighter than ever. But that’s not all – they also kickstarted a vibrant revenue stream.

eCharge’s commitment went beyond installation. They stuck around, delivering an exceptional aftercare service and monitoring the utilization of the chargers.

This energetic adventure with eCharge is a powerful testament to their customer-centric approach, adaptability, and exceptional execution. Their robust expertise, coupled with a dedicated aftercare service, amplifies their position as a premier provider of comprehensive EV charging solutions. As DoubleTree Hilton and eCharge continue their electrifying journey, they’re not just paving the way for greener hospitality – they’re lighting up the road for all to follow!


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