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eEnergy supporting Cavendish School

eEnergy supports Cavendish School in saving £31,964 with LED lighting solutions provided through in-depth survey and auditing. Through key changes implemented there is a visible difference within the entirety of the school, which has made a large difference in making day to day interaction easier for students.


About Cavendish School

Cavendish School founded in 1875 in central London. The school later moved into their current site in Camden when they incorporated into a charitable trust in 1970. Cavendish School Offers three phases of primary education: Early years foundation, Key stage 1 & 2 currently offering schooling to approximately 240 students.

The school ensures they socially motivate their pupils and employees go make a difference especially within being more sustainable. Both eEnergy and Cavendish understood the need to be more energy efficient which supported the partnership and drive.


The challenge

The key areas that needed attention was improving lighting functions , cost and efficiency. Student indicated difficulty in being able to concentrate and see clearly due to the quality of lighting adding strain. It was important to Cavendish, to implement brighter and effective lighting to support the learning experience but keeping in line with the budgets implemented for the school.


The solution

Our Surveys indicated that present lighting present within the school was not energy efficient. The lighting upgrade will support the reduction of carbon emissions and lower waste in energy consumption. Through our audit it was indicated, first year after installation there was a significant reduction in the schools carbon footprint.


The results

  • Gross annual savings of £4,339
  • Total net savings of £13,094 over 7 years (cost reduction of 26%)
  • Total net savings of £31,964 over 10 years (cost reduction of 41%)
  • Carbon emissions reduction by 5.5TCO2e
  • Carbon Reduction equivalent to 261 trees

Our pupils are very keen to ensure we are doing all we can to be more sustainable. When I spoke with our bursar about this lighting upgrade project, it made a lot of sense from both a sustainability viewpoint and financial perspective. Energy is a hot topic, so it’s great we’ve improved light quality for our pupils and reduced our consumption for no upfront cost.

Taryn Lombard Headteacher, The Cavendish School

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