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LED lighting shining the way to lower energy costs

LED Lighting can significantly reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, but upgrading your lighting can be a lot of work and require significant investment. We are able to give you LED lighting quickly and without the need for upfront investment, giving you access to energy savings sooner! Our four step process is straight forward and designed to give customers better lighting and lower energy bills.

Step 1: No obligation, data-driven lighting survey

Our first step is to carry out a detailed, data driven survey of your current lighting set up and the associated energy consumption. Collecting this data allows us to create a bespoke LED lighting solution that not only provides a better lighting experience but will use significantly less energy than your current set up.

Step 2: Your proposal

Using the data captured in step one, we will develop a comprehensive lighting proposal. The proposal will detail the design of your new LED lighting solution and the projected savings that the new solution will deliver. As we offer LED lighting as a subscription service the proposal will also include your monthly fee. This includes all installation and maintenance costs.

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Step 3: Installing your new lighting

Once you have chosen eEnergy to install your new LED lighting solution, we will agree an installation date that fits with your organisation’s  needs. That can be in the evening or at the weekend, we will work around you to ensure the installation has minimal impact on your business operations.

Step 4: Your LED lighting reduces your energy costs

Once the installation has been completed and the work is signed off you start saving money. Our LED lighting required no upfront investment, you will just pay a fixed monthly fee for the life of the contract. We guarantee the performance of the lighting for the life of the contract and will keep it fully maintained too. .

Why choose eEnergy?

By choosing eEnergy, you have access to all our products and services to improve your business’s entire energy portfolio. Through eLight, we have been able to support every sector, from manufacturing to education; our lighting solution is suitable for every business. We have recently saved Somers Forge £1,545,610 year 1 savings and £127,784 year 10 savings, all through our Light as a Service.

We identified that 337 lights needed replacing with LEDs by surveying their site. The lights we recommended to our client were fitted with sensor controls, so the energy is only being used when someone is in the facilities, saving you energy and money.

Want to find out how we can support your business? Reach out to our team on 020 3813 1550 or email us at [email protected] so we can begin improving your lighting today.

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