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  • Accomplished ESG Advisory Director joins eEnergy Energy Management division.
  • Adam Baker joins with an impressive record in helping organisations identify and implement solutions to meet ESG and Net Zero goals.
  • Adam Baker will join as Sales Director.

eEnergy is pleased to announce that Adam Baker has joined eEnergy’s Energy Management Division as Sales Director. Adam will be responsible for building upon the impressive commercial success of the division over the last 18 months. He will be working with Ryan O’Neill, Chief Strategy Officer for Energy Management, to help customers accelerate their organisation’s journey to Net Zero through the planning and execution of Net Zero pathways.

Adam arrives at eEnergy with nearly fifteen years in the energy industry experience. Prior to joining eEnergy, Adam was ESG Advisory Director at Inspired Energy, where he led a sales team that specialised in helping organisations identify and implement solutions to meet their ESG requirements. Adam has worked with organisations across the hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and professional services industries.

Delvin Lane, Managing Director for eEnergy Energy Management, said:

“The energy landscape has changed beyond recognition over the last three years and organisations across the UK are faced with the constantly evolving challenge of achieving Net Zero whilst remaining profitable. I believe that our job is to simplify this complexity for customers and the arrival Adam only strengthens our ability to do that. His experience and passion for helping organisations transition to Net Zero sustainably will be invaluable to our customers.”

Adam Baker, Sales Director for eEnergy Energy Management, said:

“In the ever-changing world of energy, eliminating energy waste is a necessity that no organisation can afford to ignore. With increasing financial pressure on organisations in both the public and private sectors, energy waste is an area where significant savings can be made. I am passionate about making Net Zero a reality and I’m looking forward to helping eEnergy customers identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their energy consumption and use the money saved to accelerate their transition to Net Zero.”


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