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We already have smart meters installed, how is ZeERO+ different?

Traditional smart meters only measure the incoming supply at 30 min intervals. ZeERO+ uses our measurement platform, MY ZeERO, which provides the full detail of how, where and when you consume energy at a circuit level. This granular level detail is provided in real time.

You say my business can save up to 10% on our energy bill, how?

We expect you to save up to 10% on your annual consumption through the elimination of energy waste. This is the first area that we look at once MY ZeERO is collecting data.

How long will it take before we start to see savings?

Once commissioned the system will begin collecting data immediately. When we have a good degree of operational data, usually 30 days worth, we can identify opportunities to eliminate waste. However during that first 30 days, if there are obvious savings to be made we will highlight them to you.

What if we do not achieve and savings? Can we return the kit?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee savings, because they are dependent upon the customer taking action based on the insights that the system provides.

How much will this cost me compared to procurement only?

Depending upon your energy consumption the saving will vary. However for a customer using 100,000 kWh of electricity per annum, across a 3 year contract you will save £936.*

*Based upon a 3 year electricity unit price of £0.38 per kWh from Feb 1st 2023 and an assumed broker uplift/commission of 3%.

Is the £69 a fixed monthly cost?

Yes. There are no admin fees or little extras snuck in.

What if I want more than one eMeter?

No problem, the system is fully scalable. You can add more eMeters to your solution at any time. The monthly subscription price will be adjusted according to how many you require.

How long is the contract?

Normally our contracts are 3 years, however if you want to spread the cost we do offer a 5 year option.

Will I have two contracts to sign? One for procurement and another for MY ZeERO?

No, you will just sign one combined contract for ZeERO+. It combines both procurement and MY ZeERO.

When will we start paying the subscription?

You don’t pay a penny until the MY ZeERO system is installed and signed off.

What happens at the end of the contract? Do we own the eMeter?

Yes. you will own the kit and simply pay a monthly fee for the data and access to the portal. The price is £20per month per eMeter.

We have a split metered distribution board, will MY ZeERO still work?

Yes it will.

We have a mix of single and three phase distribution boards, how many eMeters will I need? Will the monthly cost increase?

This is dependent upon what circuits you wish to monitor. The monthly cost will only increase if more metering is required.

There is no room to install an eMeter next to my distribution board, will it cost more to install this somewhere else?

Unless we need to run the cables a significant distance , the price won’t change.

I have multiple buildings in my estate, which buildings will be covered? One or all of them?

ZeERO+ includes one eMeter and we will agree the best way to deploy this. If you require additional eMeters the monthly cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Will all my distribution boards be covered? If not, why not?

It depends upon how many you have. We will work with you to deploy your eMeter as effectively as possible. If you require additional eMeters the monthly cost will be adjusted accordingly.

How much will it cost to cover all my distribution boards?

We would need to review your electrical inspection documents (EICR) in order to answer this question. If you are interested in covering all of your distribution boards, we  would develop a detailed proposal for you that can be adapted based upon your budgets and priorities.

How does the equipment send and transfer data to the cloud? We’re in a mobile dead spot so will it cost me more?

Normally we look to operate the system on your internal network (ethernet/Wi-Fi). It can also operate on 4G but additional costs will apply. We will review the best option when we begin planning the installation.

We have sites across the UK, including the Channel Islands does your service cover these regions?

Yes it does.

What happens if we add more locations or remove a location?

Adding more locations is easy as the system has been developed to be scalable. Unfortunately the equipment is not designed to be moved and it will need to stay in place for the duration of your contract. Post contract we can remove it but there maybe a charge for this.

How long will it take to install all our eMeter and set up our system?

It usually takes between two and three hours to install and commission each eMeter.

Will you need to switch off our electricity to install the eMeter?

In some cases this may be necessary.

Will you install out of hours, and will this cost more?

We can install out of hours and in some cases this may be necessary. There maybe an additional cost depending upon your requirements.

Who installs the equipment?

We have a number of certified contractors who install our equipment.

Will my IT department need to be involved?

We would only need to involve them depending upon the connectivity route that we may need to take. We will happily liaise with your IT department to make sure they are happy with the installation of MY ZeERO.

Do you provide training for the portal?

The portal has been design to be easy and intuitive to use. We will provide full training and you also have access to a Account Manager for any queries you might have.

We’re unsure on how this would work in our business, can we trial MY ZeERO first?

We’re happy to undertake a paid trial so you can assess the system.

Who manufacturers the eMeter?

Our technical team, which is based in Southampton, design and manufacture the equipment. We also manage and develop the system software ourselves.

Does the eMeter come with a warranty?

Yes. The eMeter is under warranty for the length of the contract.

Does the eMeter require maintenance?

No ongoing maintenance is required.

Can I measure other utilities?

We do not currently offer the capability to measure additional utilities.