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Tudor Grange Academies Trust, a leading group of twelve schools, aims to develop a Multi Academy Trust of secondary schools within one hour’s travelling distance from Solihull, supported by primary feeder schools. eEnergy, introduced by Bellrock FM, provided high-level support services for the Trust, reducing consultancy fees by £50k and enhancing service levels.

Service requirements.

TGAT required a wide array of services, including:

  1. SECR and ESOS compliance.
  2. Contract management and issue resolution.
  3. Budget Defender and Teamworks reports.
  4. Monthly bill validation, market intelligence, and strategic insight.
  5. 100% REGO green electricity and UN carbon offset gas.
  6. KVA analysis, peak demand assessment, and Net Zero guidance.
  7. Budget analysis, reporting, and forecasting.
  8. Energy efficiency and renewable technology guidance.
  9. Water procurement and auditing.

The Results.

Having started working with eEnergy’s back in 2018 and managed their energy procurement for five years, we recently moved their entire energy portfolio over to our procurement basket product to help them benefit from greater buying power. Working with Tudor Grange Academies Trust, we have utilised our Purchase In Advance strategy for both their electricity and gas procurement. Our electricity basket is supplied by Drax and provides 100% renewable electricity. By utilising our Purchase In Advance strategy, we have already saved the organisation £175,156 in the first year.

Having established a long-term partnership, collaborating on energy efficiency projects and improvements, TGAT’s have introduced us to 15 other Trusts and MATs, fostering new working relationships within the education sector.

Accelerating the Net Zero journey.

eEnergy’s commitment to decarbonising the education sector empowers schools to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions while providing Net Zero guidance. With TGAT’s support, eEnergy aims to develop more partnerships in the education sector, promoting a greener future for all.


The future of energy is in your hands. Let’s take the first step