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eEnergy and Royal Opera House

Over many years, eEnergy has been working with The Royal Opera House and other members of the arts, to work towards implementing sustainable energy use within all sites. By monitoring energy consumption, eEnergy was able to dictate right services to help reach these goals. The services offered consisted of implementing a Power monitoring system that will track energy consumption to indicate where improvements can be made. Resulting in 3.5% reduction on energy costs.


About Royal Opera House

And the Art Baskets

The Royal Opera House standing at 185 ft wide, and 219 ft long is known to be one of the most celebrated theatres in history and the home of The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Every year millions of individuals come through the doors. There have been many experiences within the UK and globally presented, through touring partnerships, cinema relays, free outdoor screenings, radio, TV, and live streaming.

The Royal Opera House takes pride in their commitment to opening over 1,250 schools, community programmes and performances that are affordable to families, schools, and different communities. There have been numerous occasions where The Royal Opera House, has stepped out to make a change and support positively, for example, the entity trains emerging artists and craftspeople, to make steps like this possible, they registered themselves as a charity, to support people with ambitions to be better.

The Royal Opera House, being one of the three groups to contributing towards the birth of ‘The Art Basket’ along with The Nation Theatre and Royal Albert Hall. Originally set up in 2012, the growing consortium of theatres and art venues uses its connective buying power to access, renewable energy deals at the lowest possible cost. Through this almost twenty of Britain’s most popular arts venues are now benefiting.


The challenge

The Royal Opera House needed to be able to monitor the electrical power consumed by their stage lighting equipment within the Linbury Studio. They engaged with industry consultancy: entertaining sustainability, who proposed the installation of a MeasureMyEnergy Global Energy Management (GEM) system to meet this requirement. Energy challenges in the arts are unique. Until recently, meeting the needs of this sector has primarily been about securing the best price utility deals for members. Now, things are changing due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability.




The solution

eEnergy supplied two Power Distribution Monitors (PDM) to measure the electrical power consumption of 36 key circuits across two separately located distribution boards. The PDMs collect this data and send it to the MeasureMyEnergy portal, where it is processed and displayed within the online portal.

On average, eEnergy has helped The Royal Opera House and other Arts Basket members to reduce energy costs by an initial 3.5% and enjoyed further savings avoiding increases in the wholesale market. Members have the opportunity to reduce energy costs further through efficiency and technology services.

Working in partnership with The Royal Opera House and Arts Basket members, eEnergy has launched a series of energy forums focusing squarely on the energy challenges facing UK arts institutions today.


The results

With each channel on a PDM configurable as three-phase or single-phase, the Royal Opera house has gained maximum data granularity by separating the data for each dimmer phase, enabling them to drill down into which areas of the stage systems are using most and least power.

All recorded data can be interrogated by Lighting Systems staff wherever they are, allowing consumption between productions, circuits, or even weeks to be compared. Automatic alerts can be set up to email key staff members in the event of unexpected usage – for example if equipment is left on overnight.

  • Renewable electricity with a transparent and extremely low management fee
  • Gas with a transparent and carbon offsetting at no additional cost
  • 27 energy suppliers on auction


In 2017 Shakespeare’s Globe chose the Arts Basket electricity contract because we calculated a 4% saving versus our own standalone purchasing and we were also able to secure renewable electricity. In 2018 we saw a further substantial benefit from the Arts Basket’s long term purchasing strategy.

Ian Dixon – Chief Operating Officer

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